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Critical damage calculation

Hi guys
Do you know how the Critical part of the damage is calculated and if it is also
Distracted or possible to evade?

Critical chance depends on your creature’s critical chance stat, and critical hits deal a addition 25% damage(?). Certain moves can increase your critical like Extended Critical Strike and Critical Impact. Critical hits can be dodged or distracted

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Damage of a crit = dmg of the creatureĂ— move multiplierĂ— 1.25

Regular crit is 1x damage + 25%

Crit impact is 1x damage + 75%

Crit powers:
strike, it will be 1.25
impact will give you a 1.815
rampage is a 2.5
Devastation is 3.75

Critical hits are base damage of the move times 1.25 (+25% damage).
Simple. But since everyone is making lists, I will too lol.
So a crit on a strike will be 1Ă—1.25
crit on an impact will be 1.5Ă—1.25
crit on a Rampage will be 2Ă—1.25
crit on a Devastation will be 3Ă—1.25

If the opponent is Vulnerable, they have a shield that the user’s move won’t destroy, or the user has an attack buff, multiply by 1.5

If the user is Distracted, multiply by 0.5 for -50%, 0.25 for -75% and 0.1 for -90%

If the opponent has armour that the user’s move won’t bypass, multiply by (100-armour percentage)÷100

If the user uses Cloak, multiply by 2

I think that covers it.