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Critical End?


The first update dropped, every super effective color critted the enemy, and vice versa.

Now this recent cover update dropped,and the critical thing ends.

I ain’t gonna lie, I’m kinda mad. It was kinda cool and helpful with tougher battles. And it wasn’t like it was a one sided battle - the enemy dragons were able to critical us as well…

I kinda want that back, even if it was apparently a glitch.

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Thats Ludia

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Why change it so soon? Would it have hurt to experiment with the glitch and see if it would be popular with the player base?


Please nerf everything so nobody wants to play your game.

Nice game with poor management . Lots of bugs . Lack of content. Come on this game is already on for few months.


I believe that the actual damage wasn’t critical, only the word „critical” appeard. The damage was increased only because of the „stronger vs weaker” opposite color dependence and it was kept as it is.


Even if it was a glitch, the criticals would be able to help us as players since the enemy dragons are already overpowered as is. Thanks Ludia.