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Critical hit definition?


Hmmm I’ve been trying to find The Spot (that surely must exist) where someone with authority, who definitely knows what s/he is talking about, defines a critical hit. I’ve seen plenty of discussion on the topic, full of theories which contradict each other, but nothing like “this is what it is, I know because I wrote the code for it” or the like.

I would like a clear definition to help me evaluate the relative merits of the different dinos available to me, and make better use of them than I have so far. I’d also like it easy to find this definition for the newbies who, $deity help them, have just downloaded and installed this app and they are just starting to get their feet wet, it’s all still new and fun and exciting and nobody has crushed their spirit yet.

So… who wants to take a stab at it?

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A damage icrease of 50% percent which can randomly happen and cannot be purposefully triggered and plauges the game due to lesser skilled players being able to beat skilled players because of luck.


A critical hit is the percentage chance to deal an extra 50% damage on top of an attack. For example, if you have 10% critical chance on an attack that does 1,000 damage, you have 10% chance to deal 1,500 damage to your opponent.

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Well I didn’t write any codes however a critical hit in my opinion is where RNG decides to grant you with a hit which impacts 1.5 x damage of what the original hit should have been.

For example if your move was 2 x damage a critical hit will cause 3 x damage to your opponent depending on Armor/shield.


Heather’s definition is the best to follow because hers takes multipliers into account in an easy way to understand. If you do Rampage, its 2 x 1.5 (3x damage). If you’re doing Ferocious Strike, it’s the 1.5 damage from the Ferocious Strike x 1.5 from the critical (2.25x damage).

Basically, whatever damage your dino was about to do without the critical, multiply that by 1.5x and that gives you your damage with crit.

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like most other things in this game…



Perfect. Easy to grasp, relatively easy to estimate on the fly, and you sound like you know WTF you’re talking about, whether you wrote any code or not haha… thank you!


something that you never get when you actually need it(only get shield crits for 1k damage lol) but your opponent always gets it at the right time.

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