Critical Hit


Hello, I would like to know how much more damage does a critical hit do.
Also what is the meaining of “Delay” in an atack?



Example; ‘‘2 Delays’’ means that u need to wait 2 round to use that skill.

Critical hit basically double damage, debends enemy armor/buff/debuff etc.


Thanks, so then what’s the difference between cooldown and delay?



Cooldown comes after u make a move, usually skill that got delay are too good to get after u put that Dino on the arena

I give u example again so it more clear I guess :slight_smile: Like T-Rex second skills is cooldown 2, you need to wait 2 round after u used that skill again, then T-Rex 3rd skill got cooldown 1 and delay 1, so u need wait one round to use it, then u need to wait that 1 round cooldown before u can use it again.


I think I got it, so attacks with a delay are not available at the beginning of the fight right?

Thanks again


Yes u got it! :sunglasses:


Sorry but I still a bit confused about the critical hit, some dinos have as a best move a double damage, so what would be the damage of a critical hit in that case?


1x = 2x
1.5x = 3x
2x = 4x and even so :slight_smile: ofc minus armor etc etc.


I’m pretty sure critical hit only applies to the base damage, not multipliers. So a critical hit with 1.5 attack would do 2.5 damage. Same as 50% debuff against 1.5 attack, which reduces it back to 1 damage (rather than 0.75).


From what I’ve gathered, Critical hits are +50% and it does take multipliers into account. For instance, if you’re doing 1.5x damage on a given turn, a Critical would be an additional +50% of THAT damage (the 1.5x damage), making u hit for 2.25x damage on that turn.

I play with a level 13 Sarcorixis, and his Ferocious Strike (1x damage with 50% increase) does 828 damage. I landed a Critical and did 1,242. So the Critical gave me +50% on top of the 828 I was initially doing (414). So 828 + 414 = 1,242.