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Critical hits off the charts

I don’t know if the game has something against me, but I SWEAR I’ve seen creatures with a 5% crit chance get several crits and with 30% I’ve gotten none. Bias for 5% crit chance creatures perhaps?

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I had a battle yesterday, and all - and I do mean, ALL - of my opponent’s attacks landed a crit. I still won thanks to team selection, but that was crazy.

My Magna has barely been critting lately, and Morty may as well have 5%. I hope that changes soon, because it’s getting tiring watching everyone else land them instead.

I lost 2 battles in a row to a hadros lux because it critted on my scorpios gen 3 and mortem

Oh gosh that’s terrible. Luckily I’m only in aviary so I don’t face tyrants just yet, but in the tournaments it’s still annoying.

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Criticals can seem of at times.

The thing is we need to figure out how the system works, and does the criticals counter, just per dino, or per person.

Well, a 5% chance would be 1/20 attacks, so your critting once every 20 times

Yeah but before it would happen a lot less, and it seems like a LOT more than 1/20.

That’s the thing. It seems like 8/20 or something like that

Based on experience;

Trykosaurus has a 60% crit chance

Indominus has a 10% crit chance (or at least mine does)

Erlidominus has an 80% crit chance

Indoraptor has a 90% crit chance (this thing crits A LOT)

Tenontorex has a 30% crit chance

Thor still has a 40% crit chance

Erlikospyx has a 40%

Magna has a 1% crit chance (seriously, when was the last time you saw this thing get a crit)

Scorpius g3 has a 10% crit chance (when not under critical ambush)

Spinoconstrictor has a 20% crit chance

Utarinex has a 40% crit chance

Woolly rhino and Monolorhino both have 15-20% crit chances

You sure about that? You’re probably just really lucky since every aviary player I’ve talked to (myself included) has fought maxed level apexes in aviary.

My Testa crits more than my Thor does which is pretty sad.

I was playing in a tournament and had an Acrocanthops. Both of us were down 2 dinos. They send out an indom and use cloak. Even if I bypassed it, which was unlikely, I wouldn’t have killed it without a crit. I bypassed the cloak and got the crit. A 25% chance and a 20% chance at the same time. Anyone know the exact chances of this?

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I face Indoraptors, they like never crit
My Tenrex critls like 10%
Thor now seems like a 20%
Spyx seems like 20% to me
And when I face Mags, its like it always crits

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hmm, strange, I never see this

My luck in this game is so bad I would definitely be on the receiving end of this.

I just played tourney match and titanoboa got 4 Cristina a row to kill 2 creatures

Edit 6 Crits in 8 turns? Just lost match cause wholly rhino got crit

5%, kinda funny but not very unlikely

Today. 2 hits, 2 crits.

I have been thinking crits are messed up at the moment myself. I played a Gemini the other day and it crit on decelerating impact and on shield advantage, two 5% chance crits, one after the other.
My Mortem nowhere near crits as often as my opponents and there are numerous dinos that are critting way more than they should be.

I am beginning to think there is some sort of bias involving either higher level players or perhaps the amount of money other players spend on the game, yes paranoia is setting in :rofl: