Critical Impact guaranteed to crit next update?

I believe that up until now, the move description for CI was something along the lines of “+40% chance to crit”. If I’m right, this is a nice little buff for Spinota and Utasino, to have a reliable x1.875 move. Move changes have often been foreshadowed like this


I like it, it’s a step forward to decrease the amount of RNG involved in the game. And it’s also a welcome buff for a move that suddenly became kinda meh in this patch. There was a small update yesterday and i checked too if something was changed but i didn’t notice.
EDIT: Seems it’s only for english version. Just checked in game and for italian language it’s still “crit chance increased of 40%”

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Utasino doesn’t need yet another buff. -.-


Thor’s moveset has changed too - Instant Charge has become Instant Surcharge; deal 10% x speed boost tier damage to self …

It’s 1.5 too rather than 1.25

1.5 is for the base attack itself, not the crit

I don’t see the point of an always crit move… but ok. The important thing is that it will always kill the rats

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I didn’t understand that… it’s an Instant Charge that hurts itself then?

Ow sorry,I was thinking about the crit that applied to the base damage of the attack And not the base damage.

My Thor still has the same instant charge move?

Why buff uthasino more? Already a strong dino for a legendary.

It was a poor attempt at humour - yes it hurts itself using a formula based on its speed boost tier and base damage; its the nerf Thor needs :slight_smile: And no, @Schtemty it hasn’t really changed.

Ah gotcha!
Well I wish it was a nerf for it, because it really needs one.
It’s like a guaranteed win for the one with the fasted Thor in the arena now.




Yep - although after the latest tweaks to matchmaking (assuming that is the reason) I am getting better at taking down L24-25 teams with over powered Thors and rats - it requires my rat to be picked and needs a high HP creature to be sacrificed - they put Thor on, I put Djora/Tryko on - it survives long enough to do sufficient damage that the rat can finish it; hopefully my remaining creatures (looking at you Erlidom, Magna, Dilorach, Thor or Rinex) can take out their lesser creatures for the win. Up over 600 trophies in the last 24 hours and close to my season high.

While this would be nice it seems weird. Still worse than rampage. The old crit impact was cool because if you crit it was more damage than rampage.

Spinotahsuchus also needs a better base move. Is it the only legendary that has just a basic strike?


Why do they make ninja description changes like this without informing players?

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:rofl: :rofl:


I guess they really wanted Utasino to be Tyrant.

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I have the terrible feeling that Utasino won’t escape from a nerf now and that’s just a consolation… hope I’m wrong…


Its like they kept buffing it to bait people to use it, then they draw the rug out from under them and nerf it like Monomimus.

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