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Critical Impact vs Cunning Strike

So, during the last tournament I experienced a scenario that I haven’t yet in the arena, and it made me wonder whether this is something over-looked?

Basically a few creatures have Critical Impact giving them 100% chance of critical hit, and a good few have Cunning strike reducing opponent critical chance by 100% down to 0%.


Rinex: Cunning strike reducing Spinotasuchus critical chance to 0%
Spinota: Critical Impact increasing critical chance to 100%.

So in the tournament I used a Cunning strike against Critical Impact and I wondered is it just down to the fact that if Cunning Strike goes first the opponent drops to 0% but upon using Critical Impact in response it then brings it back up to 100%? Meaning that Critical Impact crit chance can never be zero’d?


I don’t know if in the description of Critical Impact they mean that the critical chance gets buffed to 100+% or if it’s guaranteed regardless of percentages, so I can’t really answer the question, but I am curious as to what the answer is.


It deals some some critical damage. Not the total damage but some. I tried it with Dime G¹.