Critical impact - wrong description?

If chance of critical impact is increased by 40 %, that would indicate that what was 5 % chance, now becomes
7 %. However, from the high rate at which critical hit occurs, I conclude that the chance of critical is increased to 40 %.

Am I right?

Or should it be : increased at 40 % chance?

I think they just add the percentage , 5 + 40 = 45%

That makes sense :smiley:

New argentinosaurus well be the most reliable crit machine ever :smiley:

The increases are added onto the base value. If we take the example of Baryonx, which I’m more familiar with. It has a base Crit chance of 20%. Ready to Crush says Critical Chance + 30%, that’s 20% + 30% = 50%. It’s the same maths for Critical Impact.