Critical RNG

You know what the worst thing is? When you’re already severely outmatched due to the absolute trash matchmaking in this game, but on top of it, RNG also decides to play in that opposing players favor???

A fully leveled fully boosted Monolometrodon in the Aviary and its 5% crit chance actually works TWICE in a row and none of mine do???

My Tyrannolophosaur may as well have a 5% crit chance even if it has a 30%, as it has almost never hit.

My Tryko’s crits only ever hit on its counter, but never its actual attack.

A fully leveled boosted Thor crits its way out of all distraction and evasive moves every time???

Indoraptor has a “20% crit chance” but crits 2/3 of the time???

How is this supposed to be a strategy game when so much is reliant on RNG?

I must be playing against VIP members or heavy P2P because this feels like favoritism at this point. It doesn’t help that Ludia still hasn’t addressed the state of this game. Who would actually be surprised?


Unfortunately everyone experiences a losing streak from time to time. That’s just the nature of the beast.

I’m sure you’ve also had some lucky streaks as well, but people tend to dwell on the negative.


Basically this. People tend to have a negativity bias. On top of that, in a lot of situations when you do get a crit, it doesn’t really make any difference–you would’ve had the same outcome with or without, so people tend to forget them. I’ve actually tracked some of my creatures’ crits before and they’re all pretty darn close to what is advertized (i.e. I think my Thor was sitting around a 38%, which is perfectly within reason given the advertized 40%).

I’m also yet to see any real suggestion on how to better-handle critical hits without just discarding them altogether, which I don’t think is reasonable, either.

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That’s just bad luck. I’ve had it happen to me, but I have done it to others. It’s a 1/400 chance, so it’s bound to happen, and isn’t too uncommon

This is not true. I whoop the rears of many VIP players, with and without rng. There is no favoritism

I obviously recognize these are my personal experiences, but I also have been here long enough to notice a trend where you play devil’s advocate for or defend the game for almost everything… I have never seen such damage control from someone who isn’t a moderator here.

I play devil’s advocate because I see nothing wrong with x, y, and z and I do not want something that is fine to change. Yes, I have had pains with crits in the past, but they have come in clutch for me. But that’s a fact of life. It goes your way sometimes and it doesn’t others.
And I do not always defend the game. I do defend the creatures that are fine and are blown out of proportion


It’s mostly insane luck, but I’m starting to think it’s more. Depending on how the game generates RNG (I’m going to assume it’s similar to Wind Waker) then there are 2 scenarios, one where the RNG has a seed that lets it start cycling values, thus making it predictable and as such you can manipulate when you crit (with this game, I don’t think it’s possible) or the other which is where it has no defined seed and as such it’s a matter of finding out where in the sequence you are, and then it’s just manipulating the RNG. However, JWA moves at a solid 60 FPS, and there is a lot of input lag, so that kind of manipulation is likely TAS-Only, and maybe not even then

True but you also got to admit the Crit system isn’t really RNG as much as the game say yes and no.

Want you dino with 70% Crit chance to Crit twice to bad you get none.

Opponent asks for two 5% crits well congratulations wish granted.

And I have been on both end of the spectrum and not really fair on either end. On one end you feel cheated and like the game is just against you all the time, and on the other end you get all the Crit and your just left feeling sorry for the opponent cause the game just favors your not matter what they do take this which happened to me today
image image image image image
20% my but I would believe maybe 1 Crit maybe 2 is pushing it, but freaking 6 Crits (cause the strike that killed the Tenontorex rex was also a crit but I didn’t screenshot in time) in one match back to back is absolutely the game saying screw your opponent get a free win. This happens with everything that no guaranteed, you get 5 stuns opponent gets 1, they get dodge everytime and you never do. It never honestly feels fair. I done raids and like my Erlidominus has a 80% to Crit and it doesn’t for 2 rounds meanwhile mortem is Criting left and right.

My Tryko barely ever crits, but my Quetzorion and Magna? It actually feels like the 20% promised by the game.

Erlidom is one that feels more like 60% than 40%, like Thor. I hate the higher critters, they’re too RNG focused.


But it has probably happened the other way around. Psychologically speaking, we only remember the bad things that have happened, as this is a part of how we learn. Negative memories stick. The other thing is that, again, this is bound to happen eventually. If you roll a die 100000 times, odds are you’ll get the same number 5 times in a row

Playing a game where there is a big chance that I not only will draw my weakest hand against a more powerful player that also has RNG on their side is a sickening waste of my time. There’s no fun when you can’t even surrender to, at least, just get it over with and try your luck again immediately. This is bogus.

The 5% Crit Chance dinos have a 40% To Get A Crit, Change my mind

This is lucky or true, I am also in the Aviary and I lose as much as what I won, you have 8 eligible creatures, but luck is always the one that decides who touches you in your team of 4 in the battle.
In other words, it is like a rock, paper or scissors.
When he faced teams above mine, he tried to do everything possible, but I know it is almost impossible, so I wait to be defeated, and I look for the next opponent to know what he will bring.
At first I was angry, but later I learned that the Game is made like this, and that nothing is going to change.

Key word: random

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