Critique on new game mechanic

[I know this have been merged with another topic concerning sanctuaries, but I wanted to create a new thread separated from that one, thank you]

Well, I just got my dinos back from the sanctuary and well I got 15 DNA from rares and 5 from epics and it desn’t feel good.

I was very excited for this particular feature, I was hoping or the addition a third play style
for the game and given that we already have two (darting and battleing) a third is very much welcomed, a new way to farm DNA and finally interact with your dinosaurs, but this just doesn’t feel thay way at all in fact seems a very poor mechanic, and I will give my reasons:

1.- So few rewards for a considerable long time of waiting. I mean I can have twice as that from a single dart on one dinosaur, even a single alliance donation is more that, so it really is very disencouraging to use this new mechanic.

2.- The “get-points-to-upgrade” system, this system is already 3 times on the game, so it doesn’t add anything new or encouraging. To have this on leveling up dinosaurs is fair, given that it is an RPG element that fits well with the two game styles of JWA. To have this on the tournaments, ok, if I get points from winning battles I can get rewards and it encourages me to level up dinosaurs. To have this on stat boosts is already to redundant because it overlaps with leveling up, but I think we are already too late for escaping this awful thing and we are already used to it.

3.- Why only to have 3 types of interactions that seems the same, yes they show different animations (which I really like) but all of them give the same amount of points to upgrade the sanctuary and doesn’t give any bonus DNA on the dinosaur that got the most food or toys or pets so it just doesn’t feel like I should care or strategize anything, just upgrade the sanctuary.

4.- Why should I care on shared sanctuaries? I mean I did help on some of my alliance’s membres sanctuary but I didn’t get anything from it and even others dinosaurs on my sanctuary I didn’t get any as well, so why should I put dinosaurs on others sanctuaries and help level them up if I don’t get anything? I might as well spend all my point on my own.

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You do get dna when you interact with other people’s dinos, you probably just aren’t paying attention when you tap on feed or play etc. It is very quick so you may miss it showing you the dna get added, but it does get added.

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