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Crits are getting ridiculous

How is it possible that the enemy keeps getting crits in the tournament?! it like someone activated the insta crits botton, 8 out of 10 times that someone crits during the battle, the enemy will crit and whats worst is that its always when you are about to win but a crits saves them

thought I was the only one suffering from them…

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They wasn’t ridiculous before?

Same here. 5% critical me twice in a row

My giga crit 3 times yesterday. Not that giga criting is much damage anyway. hehe

The 5%ers seem to get it more than the 20% and 30%. I’m looking at you sino.


Not like right no, 5% crits so much its incredible, and then are those with 40% chance that crits so much you cant even defend yourself, heck in the arenas I never encounter that many crits unless it was from a Thoradolosaur

I notice this too. It seems crits are way more often in the tournament arena. Last fine was the same.

Crits are killing me, LOL… What’s really funny is I’m gritting maybe once to their 10…

OMG my Blue critted twice! And with a Pounce! Oneshotted a Sino and a Rexy with 80% health in two separate battles. Talk about lucky :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hope the devs can look into this issue. I don’t think it’s normal. I had 5 crits from some 5% dinos in one battle. Other battles had many as well.

It seems like the boosts affect the Crit rate. My tier2 Thor Crits at about 60% now

Ya. It’s BS that a para stuns 3 of my dinos completely out for 7 turns in a row. Mods need to look into this, or at least give us truthful realistic math.