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Crocodile rework

Crocodiles at the moment are a bit lackluster (Note: I’m not talking about the crocodylomorphs eg kapro and posto, I’m talking about the actual crocodiles). With the exception of sarcorixis and grypolyth, none of them have a definite use or role.
To better individualize them I split them into two categories, each with their own traits.

Type A (wide-jawed crocs)
Common: Purrusaurus gen 2
Rare: Purrusaurus
Epic: Deinosuchus (new)
Average health: 4700
Average damage: 1200
Average speed: 113
Average armor: 20%
Average crit chance: 20%
Average moves:
-Vulnerability strike
-Armor piercing rampage
-Rending move (Rending attack, Rending takedown, etc)

Type B (narrow-jawed crocs)
Common: Sarcosuchus
Rare: Prionosuchus (new)
Epic: Gryposuchus
Average health: 4200
Average damage: 1500
Average speed: 117
Average armor: 15%
Average crit chance: 40%
Average moves
-Shielding strike
-Bleeding move (gashing wound, Lethal wound, etc)

Since it’s a mix of the two types of crocs, I thought it would be cool to rework grypolyth
Health: 4600
Damage: 1400
Speed: 115
Armor: 20%
Crit chance: 30%
-Long defensive strike
-Armor-Piercing rampage
-Lethal wound
-Rending takedown
Minimal Rending counter


Petition for a sarcosuchus gen2. It’s said to have a mighty 8 tons of bite force but in JWA their base attack are so belittled.


not to mention that it’s moveset kind of sucks…

Why do we even need species-wide reworks? Just buff/nerf/adjust dinos individually depending on their usability. An entire group of dinos doesn’t need to be modified.

if i could buff sarcosuchus i think i would replace exploit wound with either DSS, DSI, DSR, APS, API, or APR

aswell as give it immunity to stun, immunity to bleed, swap in ferocity aswell as precise DS counter attack…

A they’re not dinos
B because most of them can’t do anything whatsoever
C it’s not species wise. Purrusaurus is a caiman, deinosuchus is an alligator, Sarcosuchus and gryposuchus aren’t related to modern crocs whatsoever, and prionosuchus isn’t even a reptile.

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Crocodiles got their rework in 1.7, I’d say pterosaurs need more of a rework because most of them have been disappointing since they were released in 1.4

Speaking of Crocodiles… :smiley:

I gotta try it out.:crocodile:


I think crocs (and related others) should get pinning counter attacks, low damage though. They could also give them a passive that is "damage from this creature pins for 1 turn. That would allow a stunning dino a chance to escape as well as give all of them a niche

pretty sure gryposuchus is/was a gharial

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Not to mention sarco is distantly related to modern crocs. It’s not a crocodilian, but is a crocodilyform

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The difficulty to level grypolyth is very high, am I wrong? This croc can be placed in one of the toughest to obtain and level. Yet all maxxed rats prevail on teams I’m with a buff give us a reason to struggle for this croc.