Crocodile scent

So why on the home screen picture does it advertise this scent with Purrusaurus, but when you look at what it can draw Purrusaurus is nowhere to be found?! Is this a mistake? @J.C @Ned @Jorge


It is there, the 5th one along, the common one. It’s a Gen 2.

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Why not the rare? By using the picture they’re giving people hope the rare is in the spawn mix…


Is it because Puru is arena exclusive and they don’t spawn in the wild?

Arena exclusives can’t spawn in the wild. Except as event creatures or hybrid pursuit.

The Purussaurus pictured in the very front is the Rare one 100%. Smooth solid colored back with green on the side of the mouth. Then one in the back is the common one with the brown striped back and beige side mouth.

That is 100% misleading. Ludia so crooked. I bought one figuring it would be good for 1 or 2 rare puru since it it the only rare crocodilian… Shame on me for believing a picture this company would post.


Arena exclusive or not they shouldn’t use it as a marketing tool if there is no chance for it to spawn…


Agreed to all above + its a 200 HC scent; so should have RARE Puru not common one.

Hey everyone, thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ve let our team know and they’re currently taking a look at things on their side.

Is that taking a look as to why Purrasaurus isn’t in the spawn list or why he was used on the marketing picture?

This marketing technique has been used by Ludia since day 1, so don’t expect any change here.


the only rare crocodilian apart from kaprosuchus and postosuchus you mean

Meh, If you want to count those are Crocodilians sure. Postosuchus is now thought to have walked on it’s hind legs exclusively not the most Crocodilian thing… those were conveniently left off the sales poster FYI.

Trust the info button on the incubator/scent (represents how the incubator/scent is configured) not the marketing graphic - it hadn’t even occurred to me that kapro and posto would be the only rares.

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I understand, that being said, the only reason to use an exclusive Dino in marketing and advertising if it isn’t available in the sold product is to deceive and hopefully trick your customers into a purchase. That is underhanded, and it deserves to be called out. This isn’t a first offense. They have put Irritator on Incubators that didn’t contain it in the past.


Blue spawned with scent of claws.

I think you’ll find the other reason is incompetence - they are guilty of both at times.

Why can’t that be a puru gen2 on the advertising pic? In terms of laws and legislations they can push it on you. I mean I do agree it’s a wrongdoing on their end, but they can simply claim what I just stated and exempt themselves from getting held liable for dishonesty.

When they look at least can they find it in them to rectify it so the rare pura is in the scent.

More people will probley buy them then.

The rare and gen 2 look vastly different coloring wise. That is a gen 2 in the background with a tiger like stripe, but the front runner is darker and most definitely the rare.