Crocodile scent

Well, that’s a valid point. Bless that graphic designer safe from getting scapegoated.

Hey everyone, you should now be able to find Purrusaurus (Rare) by using the Crocodilian Scent! Note that you will need to do a hard-reset on your mobile device if you’re already purchased any of the Items.


It would be better if grypo had a bit of a higher chance. But I got a few for the inventory lol.

Thank you!

I didn’t screenshot it, but the rare purrusaurus is included in the scent description now

Fair play ludia - the guaranteed rare is now a 33.33% chance each with the rare Purru included :+1:

I’m trying to get Grypolyth and was considering to buy this scent, but it only has a 1% chance to get Grypolyth :frowning:. I guess kapro and Purra G1/2 are useful

Scents are such a lottery; I needed Pteranodon to create Orion this morning so ran an epic scent from a strike tower on the edge of a park - 2 x Ptera, 3 x Bary, 1 x Pyro and 1 x T-Rex - a truly epic epic scent; I’ve also only had one or two. 200 bucks isn’t bad if you get a handful of rares or the Grypo - but just one rare … meh - be interesting to see on here what people get if they buy one.

I used 3 epic scents in L3 over the last weeks to. Hunt monolopho. Guess what, I caught 13 secodonto, 3 Rex, 1 spino, couple others and… 0 monolopho.

Ouch that hurts