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Crocodiles Need Kit Revamps Now Due to 1.12 Buff

So crocs finally got a new passive in the coming 1.12 update, No Escape, which is amazing and what I hoped they’d get, but they didn’t address the other crucial part of this: most crocs have redundant moves now.

Immobilize, Lockdown Impact, and Pinning Strike do nothing positive for crocs now for the most part. Immobilize has strategy in getting your other moves off delay true, but otherwise they should be replaced with alternate moves.

It seems that this was not thought of by the look of the patch notes if I’m reading them correctly.

Crocs could have great utility if their active move kits are updated to not be redundant to their (always active) new passive.



Crocs defeinetley need a new pass and Sarcosuchus needs a G2 that actually shows what one of the largest crocodyliforms this world has ever seen is capable of.

Good point. I hadn’t thought of that

More of them should have bleeding or defense shattering moves, with those crushing jaws and large teeth.The ferocious is good.

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Perhaps the crocs could get new moves based around Vulnerability and Bleed, like Exploit Wound? A croc bite would definitely leave any dino bleeding for a while. Probably would have to keep their Attack kinda low (1.1k - 1.2k or so) to compensate for the vulnerability and bleed.

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I remember talking about an ability like this for the Crocodilian creatures last year. So happy it’s actually happened!

But yes, if it works as I think it will, then these moves will be redundant. I concur to the idea that Crocs should specialize in moves that are similar to Exploit Wound, to really make them powerful as a niche species.

And maybe, if I was to be so literal, maybe some get moves that reflect what might happen to a dino if a Croc did their signature Death Roll on them… Nothing too overpowered, since they already lock you in the battle indefinitely.

No escape needs to add on a punish mechanic on behalf of opponents, similar to all other on-escape abilities. Out of all 4, no escape is the only one that can cause trouble to its own self.

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How is constantly preventing your opponent from escaping your bleed(sarco), counterattack(purrut/grypolyth), or damage(rixis/the other crocs) bad for the croc user

It’s not, it’s actually great! We are talking about how they have moves that do the same thing now as No Escape that they don’t need anymore. The crocs could become even better!

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I suppose the Immobilize and Pinning Strike can still be used to keep the opponent locked after the Crocodylian is dead?

But you definitely have a point. Perhaps we could replace pinning strike with a Bleeding basic move or something?


Sarcosuchus had minimal wounding strike which took a way 10% of health. That’s an option

Other wise
Purrussaurus, purrussaurus gen 2:
Lockdown impact becomes defense shattering impact
Pinning strike becomes: persistent ferocious strike
Gains gen2(explained later)
Stays the same
Gains attack boost
Everyone else doesn’t have any swap prevention.
Sarcosuchus gen2
Leathal wound
Persistent ferocious strike

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Now that is a respectable Sarcosuchus, but i think Ferocious Impact and a defense shattering or precise attack would suit it more.

I be fine with any buff except to sarcoxis that thing is already powerful enough with ferocious impact, immobilize, no escape, stunning strike and armor piercing impact also 118 speed

Although I’d like it’s basic attack to do a small amount of DoT to reflect the change to Sarco. Because otherwise it’s just a better version of the old Einia (RIP).
But it losing Armour-piercing might not work…
It could be AP and DoT though… Idk.

Hold up that gives me an idea for Charcharodontosaurs!
A move that allows you to steal HP from your opponent by ripping chunks off them! That would be perfect, wouldn’t it? And it’d work on Immunes too, since it’s basically just damage.
That would allow them to stay in battle without killing the opponent with massive damage, which is kinda what they did IRL.
What do you think of that?

They could be Immune to Decel too, allowing them to counter large sauropods.

As for Crocodylians, what about a Death Roll move, with a chance to stun or something? That could work on Sracorixis, to replace GSS, where it does DoT in addition to stunning.

Another move idea is one that does damage based on an opponent’s current HP instead of max HP, so a nerfed version of moves like Rending Takedown could exist. That could allow creatures like Thyla to regain some damage output.

Exactly, what does the Gripolith want, the only useful crocodile, an immobilization blow? A blow that simply is useless.