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Crocodilian Buff Idea


Idea to buff the various crocodiles and make them more desirable in teams: Make Lockdown Strike an Instant attack.

Crocodiles are ambush predators and have incredible gripping strength; combining these two should mean that a dinosaur facing it basically needs to defeat it if it wants to escape.



I like that idea. Would especially work against some of the hit and run dinos. Also dg2


Also have seen suggestions of it being a passive for crocs


How would the passive work? Just an inability to swap out if facing one?

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I love the idea of it being a priority move. It would make them much more viable.


That’s what I would imagine? I’m not exactly sure but I’m sure stats would have to be changed to accommodate. I think I saw something about it being a SIA as well. I’d go for anything to make this group more viable, really.


Hmm… I’d be a little concerned that having a perpetual debuff might open the door to some future OP options in other areas.

I do want the crocodiles to be better-represented than they are. I’m using Sarcorixis on my team, and while I love it I fully admit it’s NOT one of my stronger team members. It’s no pushover, though, and I’d rather not have it’s SIA changed from the defense it already has (unless it went to full invulnerability). Giving Lockdown Strike improves it by letting it snap first before a “Rampage & Run” kind of deal, but also provides it with a swift strike in case it needs to finish off weakened prey.

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I have been thinking about giving them a swap-in lockdown that’s a very crocodile thing, especially for grypolyth to prevent hit and run.


@Fjalar You could always re-post your disappointment in the patch notes here to help develop more ideas to make Sarcorixis et al stand out more :slight_smile: