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Crocodilian incubators


I think that JWs crocodilians need some love…
They are not in any special event incubators so heres a suggestion: Crocodilian incubators!

Fight some crocodiles to get the incubator!
Here’s what DNA it would give you:

Common: Sarcosuchus, Purussaurus GEN 2
Rare: Purussaurus, Pyrrolyth
Epic: Gryposuchus, Sarcorixis

And very rarely some Grypolyth…

What do you think of this idea?

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Ill pass on the dna but if the incubators gave the standard epic inc coins id take that…

Ludia has something against these guys as they work hard to ensure their lackluster at best… no gross miscalculations when it comes to these guys.

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