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Crossover battles

A cheesy nickname, I know. But it’s better than what I came up with earlier. I have come up with another idea for 2 dinosaurs from both jw games to duel it out in. Segnosuchus and erlikospyx. It will be the battle of the water chickens.


Better swimmer, stronger bite force (a gift from its postosuchus parent), webbed spines on its arms it can use to jab.

Erlikospyx advantages
Better grip on its prey, longer claws, a coat of feathers, and faster on land.

A little scenario for how these 2 meet is a lone segnosuchus is walking to a stream to fish, only to find an erlikospyx snatching fish from the stram like a grizzly bear. This is enough go make the segnosuchus want this prime fishing spot for itself. It roars at the erlikospyx and walks into the stream. The erlikospyx turns around and the 2 start doing their best threat displays with segnosuchus using its webbed arms and erlikospyx using its flashy feathers to make itself look bigger. Neither are intimidated and must duel for the spot. Who do you think would win and why?


I’m it depends if seg Pulls it I to the water it could have the advantages but spxs has spino- DNA so it also be kinda good in water maybe it’s feathers have oils like ducks which make it water proof. But I put my money on spxs cause the best defense is a good offense

I’m pretty sure Segnosuchus is a glass cannon too. Is it classified as a carnivore in JWTG?

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Herbivore and it only has 100 extra health compared to its attack

Then why is it fishing lol? Anyway, according to JWTG battle logic, Erlikospyx would have the advantage, since it’s clearly a carnivore(?).

Anyway, Spyx is probably just as fast in water as it is anywhere else (immune to Decel), and considering Segnosuchus’ low health, if it managed to land one big hit with its claws (Precise Rampage, so can’t be dodged) Segno would probably be out. Spyx also has the ability to increase its own speed, and distract Segno, so if you take it’s abilities literally, Spyx would probably win.

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Erlikospyx has Spinosaurus DNA, so why can’t she swim as well? Spinosaurus looks like a better swimmer than Postosuchus, so Erlikospyx might even be a better swimmer than Segnosuchus.

I guess it’s because Segnosuchus has fins.
And the JP Spinos are very much different from irl, but the Spino in JP3 (Gen 1, as opposed to Spyx’s ingredient Gen 2) was partially aquatic too, so it’s kinda hard to tell. Real life Spino had pressure-sensors on its snout like a crocodile, allowing it to target prey better, but I don’t know if that’s relevant here.

for this battle, I couldn’t really figure out another way to make them fight. And to be fair, a first glance at segnosuchus with those teeth would definitely make you think it’s a fish eater

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Also, we’re talking about real life, which means they only can use their weapons available to them. Claws, jaws, teeth, and spines

I like to think that there is some level of realism to the movesets that different creatures have, with each ability being rooted in a real combative characteristic. But if you don’t take Spyx’s abilities literally, it’s really hard to tell which would win.

Segnosaurus was likely more heavily-built than Erlikosaurus, but the latter was taller.
Erlikospyx is a superhybrid, with the DNA of two notably large carnivores, both partially aquatic, while Segnosuchus only has the DNA of the not-so-intimidating JW Postosuchus.

But let’s take a look at what the lore has to say about Spyx and it’s ingredients. Spino Gen 2 has dense bones, to give it better stability in water, much like irl, and it’s specified to be a fisher. It is implied that Baryonyx Gen 2 is aquatic or semiaquatic, using jaw-clapping to communicate. Social behaviour is something we see in Spyx too, but more on that later. Spinonyx is said to have thicker skin and more powerful jaws than its ingredients, and lastly Erlikospyx is said to be a speedy, hardy hunter and engage in complex social behaviour with other Therizinosaurs.
So I think it’s safe to assume that Spyx is fairly tough, very fast, at home in water and rather intelligent, able to read and interpret the body language of other Therizinosaurs especially, which is likely what Segnosuchus is, being a herbivore and all.

I know that in-game trivia for each creature was added a while after Segnosuchus was unlocked, so I don’t have any info on it, but if any one does, feel free to share.

Based on Spyx’s in-game information my money’s on her, but perhaps Segnosuchus has a surprise in store.