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Crucial 1.6 Changes


With all the 1.6 hype lately, I decided to open a thread for everyone to discuss what needs to be fixed/ added in the next large JWA update. Here are some I’ve noticed:

  1. Strike Towers need to disappear after completion.
  2. Dg2’s swap- in Rampage needs to either be moved to a higher tier creature or removed completely.
  3. New (relevant) moves need to be introduced to counter Evasive, Stunning (cough, cough Immunity Shield), and maybe even a passive anti- Crit ability. These moves need to be added to Legendary and Unique hybrids, otherwise they’ll remain largely unused.
  4. Fix the spawns!
  5. I’ve noticed some serious GPS issues lately, especially regarding the map not loading. I have to close out almost every time I dart a creature. Needless to say, this got old real quick,
  6. Allow more characters in Alliance messages. This is a small detail, but it’ll help clean up the chats a little.
  7. Epic DNA trading (on specific days?)
  8. Give us powerful Legendary and Unique hybrids that are germane to the Arenas (the opposite of Grypolyth)
  9. Overall balancing
  10. Fix speed system and damage calculator.

What are your thoughts?


Immunity Shield would be nice but I wouldn’t want abilities that counter critical hits and evasive. Dinosaurs with Evasive would become unused and crits need to be a thing.


I dont want to see epic dna trading introduced until Ludia does something to those who live in the mythical local 5.

I also dont want to see dg2 gone. I dont use it but i feel it makes things more intresting. I do thing draco gen2 needs to be locked for 2 turns once its used.

I dont really have an issues with any of your other changes though.


Agree with your points. Only see a problem in epic DNA trading. Can be exploited by spoofers.

Dracorex can be fixed with 2 turn lockdown. I don’t want to see SIA DSR on legendary or unique dino. This could be to OP (remember Stegodeus before 1.5).
Hopefully they make more spawns and also more drops.


Y’all bring up some good points about epic DNA trading. I didn’t consider the L5 natives when I wrote this😂


Timer to let us know how much time left on the Epic spawn. I hate running over to the epic and then it disappears RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME… :confused:


Also, fix the speed system. More and more players are reaching lvl 30. It is unfair to decide who gets the first move based on who acts first if the two dinos are the same speed, same level and same rarity. Some people even say it’s based on the distance to Ludia company. I always tapped as fast as I could, but my dino never acted faster, not even once, than players in the US or Canada. It is very frustrating. I lost many battles because of this.

@bates5919 maybe you can update your original post and add more valuable suggestions.


On it! 1010101010


I agree with the speed system needs changed this is one of the few places this game would benefit from more rng.

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Epic trading would break the game for weaker alliances… Unless, this is the only possibility… If Ludia were to only allow Epic DNA trading for one particular day of the week, like Epic Sundays, then I totally agree… Requesting everyday is just too much.


Allow epic trading on sundays like clash royale does
Max 100dna trade

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Look at the spawns and the price of epic incubators, you think Ludia will ever allow Epic trading? Even so, most likely it’s Epic months, you can only trade 50 epic DNA every month lol


Yes, it does truly depend on if Epic Trading even comes out… But if it does, there will be no way that monthly Epic DNA trading would be fair… It must be weekly.

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Make request time longer than 3 hours.
There should be limits to request regarding of the donations …if someane does not donate souldnt be able to request


My thinking is, epic trading is not gonna work. People all want good epic DNAs, such as Kento, Ankylo, Erliko, etc. I dont think most people want to or even have the DNA to donate …


YES, that is exactly my point! Everyone is going to request scarce DNA, like Erliko, Rex, and Sino… There is absolutely no way that this would work. There would be an Epic DNA shortage.


OMG I just had an idea. Similar to weekly treasure hunt, Ludia can give us weekly epic DNA hunt, random 100 epic DNA :stuck_out_tongue:


Fixed trades 50 Erliko for 50 Sino
50 Kentro for 50 Anky etc etc trading no donations

And for Ludia to be happy 10 DinoBucks for every trade


You seen the big difference in the amount of common vs rare DNA in trading. If they do allow epic DNA trading, how much we going to be able to get or give in one click… 1, 2 or 3 DNA at a time for a grand total of 5 to 15 dna from one person? I doubt that would be game breaking.


The only dna tradong that would really be happening is someone moving concavenator dna from one account for ankylo/rex/kentro on another account.