Cruel and almost unforgiving

Im not sure if you can see it, but i encountered my third sneknoi who decided to try and hide in a sanctuary! I barely managed to twist the angle enough to tap on him and scored 115 points.

Ludia’s cruelty has no limits and doesnt suffer exhaustion lol


oof. that’s rough.
grats on the catch tho.

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Meanwhile the only snake I found today… Well… Not related.

Hope I see one today or tomorro

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Good game yesterday.

I haven’t seen any snakes either.

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Once I saw your Ankyloco and Paramoloch…

I knew it was probably you.

Good game!

Thanks! I don’t remember if I won or not, I think I did.

I mostly remember seeing your name. :laughing:

Nope, you lost. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Darn, I’m sure I gave you a good fight though. :laughing:

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I started with Indo you with Anky.
Once Anky dead you put Paramoloch or Carnotarkus…

Then the rest of the battle is forgotten

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you have to love the new Titanoboas ( giant snakes ) yesterday while out hunting i came across 3 of them i managed to get some decent DNA from 2 of them but the 3rd one took off so fast it was as though the beasty had jet engines he moved so fast !. all i got from him was a paltry 11 dna ggggggggrrrrrrr.

Titanoboa gen 2 A

I don’t think snakes like to be hit with darts. It’s why their event only XD same with the other sanctuary exclusives. It’s cus their all wimps!

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