CrunchCrew needs a handful of you

After a handful of our alliance members not participating for weeks (esp in the tournaments), we have cut ties with a handful of players. If you are an active player and want to be in a good group that hits rank 10/8, sometimes 10/9, come join us. Crunchcrew would love to have some fresh new active players!


I am at 1900 trophies and almost level 11. Can I join?

Level 11, are you a relatively new player? More importantly, do you play almost every day doing battles and darting?

I started playing in Feb and i play daily since.

Nice! Come join… CrunchCrew is the name

What are your sancs like?

Cause I am in a pretty good alliance and don’t want to risk it

My name is DinoMaster and my ID is 7195. Sending join req now.

Sanctuaries are not the best. Average I would say. Level 7 & 8

Thank you SO MUCH for letting me join!!

Of course. Glad you can join the Crew

Fan i John your Alliance i Senf your Alliance a request

Can i join your Alliance. I sende your alliance a request.

Un1v3sal, how often do you play?

Lv 17 with currently 4513 trophies. Play pretty much everyday and very active in tournaments. Would love to join. My Alliance is pretty much dead.

Jedifisherman, what’s your name in JWA? I’ll add you when I see your request.

I go by the same handle. About to reach out in the game