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Crush match? What and why?

Uhhh… What’s happening??? I know I can be cute and all but dude we’ve never even met before so chill! :joy:

Has anyone else had this happen to you yet? I find this rather odd and funny :joy::see_no_evil:

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I have just received the same notification from Liam Park, but he is not my type! Anyway I think it is a good idea and it is more like real life chats.

I have never seen that. It be must associated with the most recent update.

All my matches are on a longterm break… well, apart from the basketball guy who’s just come back, but he’s nothing more than a diamond mine for me. But I never saw a match look like that.

I matched with Stefan and definitely didn’t get this notification. Based on his character I wouldn’t say it’s funny. Be afraid… be VERY afraid!

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I matched Oliver, Stephan’s counterpart, don’t worry he’s a lamb with a wolf skin.


It happened to me recently with Jasmin. Seems like a new feature, though I’m not sure if there’s something else different with this Crush thing

same from from ruby thomas she turned out to be the lovelink help AI