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Cruxader twice in a row?!?

Seriously Ludia, the guy has 35+ levels on my team! 35+! I could not possibly scratch him. So the 2nd round of the “event” means I had only 1 loss possible before having to buy back in, not 3.

Now I have one loss left available with 15 wins to go? Yeah , not buying back into this hot garbage.

Pvp events are rigged. You shouldnt be doing them until you are strong enough to fight bots most of the time

You think I am not strong enough for bots, but drew Cruxader twice? Twice between 3 bots. No other humans. We are talking about an 18th level team facing 28’s.

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While they’ve set it so you don’t play the same player twice in a row, cycling between one player and bots is pretty common. If I got paired up against a player with level 28 characters, I’d definitely decide that now was a bad time to be in the PvP queue and go do something else, because the chance of a repeat pairing is high.