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Cry baby meta!😭

They are ruining this game… let the developers do what they think has to be done and stop crying everytime a dino beats you because you decided to invest into a crappy dino and feel entitled to win all the time… why not learn how to get better and adjust… always crying nerf is a sign of weakness. its typical human behavior to want to get rid of a problem rather then dealing with it. i admit that ive done this on occasion(dg2) but this is happening way to often to the point that its all you see here on the forum. if you dont have the means or resources to get a good competitive team together then just quit or deal with it untill you can. i know winning makes you feel good but there are plenty of games that will allow you to win easily so maybe play those… i vote to nerf nerfers.


List of dinos that need a walloping from the NERF bat imho…

  1. Rinex
  2. Green Chicken
  3. Thor
  4. Tryko
  5. Erlidom

Disregard #s 1&3 as I’ve now unlocked these and quite like using them. My opinions on the other 3 are subject to change as I unlock them as well :grin:

Edit: this is a joke, not an immediate call for nerfs on a nerf the nerfers thread. I’ve never seen a dinosaur in this game that doesn’t have a counter. People just don’t want to tinker with different lineups to find what works best in the meta. I feel the pain of those with highly leveled dinos. This game begins to move much more slowly at level 25 and above. By the time you get a new dinosaur up to team level, the game will probably be two versions down the road and it’ll be the one getting nerfed. Lowering the time and cost it takes to level would help add more team diversity to arena.


Holding my phone chose to my heart with right hand raised…

Mmmmmmhhhhhhmmmmmmm… Yes lordy haulelugha preach on. I’m with you.


Only dinos that should be nerfed are rinex (hp mainly - nothing drastic), dilorach (maybe old moveset?) and trago (124 speed!!! with 40% armour, LI, good damage and hp (after both buffed)- it should be slower than monostego imo)


I don’t’ see why they have to nerf any dinos. Ajust the other dinos to even it out through buffs or other counters.

It’s like saying I want to get less for the money I have spent. No.

We should all want more for the money we spend.


That is such a double-edged sword to say “why do you feel entitled to win games with crappy dinos”.

Well, why do YOU feel entitled that a noskill overpowered dinosaur stays that way, just because it is easier to use “I win” buttons than playing competition against equally powerful opponents?

Ultimately, people “cry for nerfs” against dinosaurs needing nerfs. I have only seen whining against Utarinex, Diloracheirus, Dracorat Gen 2, Trykosaurus and Tragobeachtis.

And every singular one of those have reasons to be tweaked and / or nerfed. Other than the Indo class, people have nerfing desire towards dinosaurs actually needing those.

But I guess screw balance, let the game crash and burn so that people can feel… How did you say, entitled to their investment.

While we are at it, just give everyone with all the uniques unlocked instant wins, cause they “worked” for it.


Uniques should be better. Most people had to work like crazy for months to get them due to ingredients required. IMO, they should be better then legendaries when battling.


I believe we need balance, not imbalance and definitely not OP superior creatures. (But we don’t need identical matched creatures)

At the end of the day, you can’t please everyone, despite their own beliefs that their opinion is the only one that matters and is correct.


If you want to make JWA into a crappy Korean Pay to Win MMO getting into the trash and rotting there, go ahead and ask for that.

Saying something should be x or y because people worked for that is an emotion driven subjective statement that have no place being considered in an objective matter (balance) in any game that takes itself even slightly seriously.


Lol you say cry baby… And the walk right in to prove you true. Just saying.

I wish I could say million dollars in my pocket and have this kind of turn out.

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first off you can still use the so called “noskill” dino(this statement so disproves you) aswell so theres your balance.

imo these dinos set the bar and all the mediocre dinos should be raised to that bar. case in point why does Trex have to be so underwhelming.

let the game crash and burn is a mindset or behavior displayed by those who are negative or hard to please… i say let the game live and prove you wrong. this game is meant to be played to excell not get complacent and complain and be miserable because you dont have what others have. if your argument is that spawn mechanics suck and other areas have it better then others, that is a different topic. cheaters and spoofers that is a different topic. if these devs keep getting bothered by cry babies all the time when will they be able to fix the more important issues? bugs, cheaters, spawn issues etc…

to sum it up… these dinos are meant to be this way. not nerf this… then once thats nerfed… nerf this one too just cause…


please don’t nerf tragothesetits :smiley:

Then by your logic, if it is okay to be forced to using OP creatures, why do cheaters bother you? Cheat yourself, “there is your balance”.

Sorry to burst your bubble but this is a pay to win game. That is irrefutable. Everyone knows that. Maybe people who are naïve don’t except it or new people may not know that.

Case in point. Take a look at the top alliance in the game, Apex Predators. They have won every tournament. I would bet they spend more money on the game then most other people. The more money spent on the game, the better the team you have. Pretty simple to understand.

Now, eventually, people who pay less will catch up if they don’t increase the dino limits but that will take a while.

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At the core, it is not a pay to win game as of yet. It’s pay to win FASTER, but once people catch up, that early advantage is pretty null and void. Not completely, but not in the sense actual P2W games operate.

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Also, the whole “this local sucks” issue is a symptom, not a disease. It’s a symptom of that certain locals having OP dinosaur ingredients while the others don’t or don’t have as many. If the balance was good, it wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

Not saying that locals shouldn’t rotate, but the whole “balance out locals” would be null and void if the balance was working properly. And nerfs are needed to achieve that.


could care less about nerfs.

stop giving people 6 dodges, 5 stuns and 8 crits in a game and letting people win because of that. RNG ruins everything more than anything else. what’s really sad is some people in aviary will get that and still lose though :joy:


Everything needs a nerf until I unlock them :-1: After that, everything needs a buff :muscle:


This literally proves 99% of nerf posts are because that player doesn’t use the dino and has lost to it many times.


I believe in having an overall balanced lvl team, so u hopefully don’t suffer too big of a trophy drop while batting. No point having 1 or 2 lvl26 dino while the rest is a few lvl lower.
Yes rng may be kind to u n select those 2 dinos more often, and may bring more wins+higher trophy lvl. But when rng selection goes against u, u may suffer a trophy drop shock as well.
I stopped leveling Stegod after 25 as the rest of my team couldn’t keep up.

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