Cryolophosaurus Concept

Design inspired by the toy

All three have the same animation
Cryolotitan = Nodopatotitan + Cryolophosaurus
Stage 2 Type 3 Mega Hybrid

Cryorannosaur = Cryolotitan + Rexy
Stage 3 Type 1 Ultra Hybrid


It would be a rare at best a epic for cryolophosaurus

See that’s what I thought but the more you think about it, if their were a legendary for every animation, Cryolophosaurus would be a perfect candidate for it since there’s not really any popular dinosaur like Rexy or Para lux. I mean prove me wrong but I think cryo is perfect

Anyone like the idea of Alert Arctic Blast since Cryolophosaurus were found near Antarctica

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dude that for the Elvisaurus which is different from the cryolophosaurus

Nah they’re the same lol

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it’s just another name for cryo

but it would be cooler to have something called Elvisaurus in the game

I can agree with that, they would just have to add cryo first, cuz their the same just found in different places

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I like the design but cryo was a biped. Maybe your original design could be an hybrid for it.


Cryolophosaurus could also happen to get a new animation

Nah it’s biped, I just made it crouching. and also I got the proportions wrong so I just went with that so I didn’t have to erase everything

I made one a long time back too!

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Although it doesn’t fit the “Dilophosaurus line” I like the cautious on escape, I think they should add that kind of ability for all of them