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CthulhuWarriors recruiting!

CthulhuWarriors are recruiting again!

7th guild to unlock Silverhand in most recent Raid. We are casually hardcore. Our only ask is that you participate in the Silverhand effort. Otherwise, we have no requirements: you do not need to spend to succeed with us; you just need to be an active teammate.

Another Raid, another Silverhand, and another purge of inactives means we have room for you!

Our only requirement for new recruits is 36 room contribution to the Silverhand Raid effort.

You do not need to spend to succeed! But it is easier if you do.

We are hardcore casual! Some of us contribute 100, 200, even 300 raid rooms! Those that are busy in real life have fun contributing what they can.

Introduce yourself, grab a seat, and get ready to make it rain Silverhands!

“Sweet water, Light laughter!”

We have a few slots open for daily players! Plus a few more spots opening up when we purge inactives after current Silverhand Raid concludes.

Our only requirement is a 1/50th contribution to the Silverhand Raid effort…and having fun!

We have a great mix of hardcore as well as more casual players all united in the pursuit of loot. Grab a drink and get your Silverhands with us!

I would like to join. I play every day but can’t find a guild where people talk more than one message a week.

Another Raid, another Silverhand! We haven’t missed one yet.

Didn’t get yours? Come join us!

Looking for daily players that will contribute to the Silverhand Raid effort.

Almost didn’t get your Silverhand? Let’s merge and make life easier!

We may not be the first to unlock the Silverhand, but we always get our loot!

We have some open spots for team players that can make a contribution to the Raid effort.


What are you using for chat? In game chat? Discord? Messenger group?

In game chat…well, in the game. We also use Discord.

2 open spots for players that are looking for a casual guild experience but like to collect Silverhands every Raid!

Unless you have a good reason (or maybe an interesting name), please have a Reknown of at least 20.

Looking for a guild that unlocks the Silverhand every time? CthulhuWarriors were 15th to unlock in most recent Raid. We always get our loot.

Spots will become available as we prune out the inactives.

Looking for Reknown 20+ players who play the long game. Our only ask is a 1/50th share contribution to the Silverhand Raid effort. That’s just 36 rooms for a standard Raid.

Don’t worry about Raid keys! It’s only 200 gems to enter SH Raid, and that’s if you join after a Rally. Assuming you can clear 1 Boss. If you can clear 1 Boss, wouldn’t you buy a Silverhand for a measly 200 gems? Not to mention the rest of the SH Raid loot package.

We can absorb a number of players…coordination required if you want to merge as a group with us.

If you are well below 20, please dm with an explanation to justify a spot. We are not really a starter guild. Are you worthy of an exception?

Come join your forever guild, where it rains Silverhands!

If you have NOT participated in current Raid, 1 day left to join us, and if you have 200 gems and can clear 1 Boss, Silverhand loot package with a Legendary up for grabs! Have a few no-shows…Just hate to see perfectly good loot go to waste…20+ pls.