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CthulhuWarriors recruiting!

CthulhuWarriors has a few open slots!

IF: you have NOT participated in current Event and have 200 gems, you are invited to join for the Silverhand loot package. 1 day left.

Looking for daily players that want a more casual atmosphere. Questions get answered, but not the place if you want to be super chatty about non-game related events.

No donation minimums, but why wouldn’t you get paid to help out a guild mate?

We only ask for a 1/50th contribution to the Silverhand Event effort; that’s just 36 rooms for a typical Raid.

We may not be the fastest to unlock, but we always get the Silverhand around halftime because we get a group effort!

Next Event will be our 15th straight Silverhand since reorganization…looking for like minded players to come loot with us at CthulhuWarriors!

CthulhuWarriors has a few spots for daily players that can contribute a 1/50th share towards unlocking the Silverhand each Event.

Join us as we pursue our 16th straight Silverhand jackpot!

Please dm with your in game name and Reknown level,

Priority given to VIP subscribers/longhaulers.

Cheers and happy hunting!

Join us on our 17th quest for Silverhand unlock before next Event and get your Raid keys so you won’t have to spend 200 gems changing guilds!

Recent testimony:


Looking for long haulers looking for casual but competitive atmosphere.

We are usually around the 7th guild to unlock the Silverhand, usually around half time.

We only ask for a 1/50th share contribution to the Guild Event effort.

Join our quest for our 17th straight unlock!

Join us in time to Rally for Raid keys as we pursue our 18th Silverhand unlock!

Hi there. Would love to join an actual active guild in this game. I’m on every day and have been the only one participating in guild events in the inactive guilds I keep finding myself in.
I just sent a join a request. Username is LykanWolf22


I don’t see your request…what is your Reknown level?

This past event, we were 3rd to unlock the Silverhand!

Casual but competitive, looking for same. Only a few spots open…join before the next Rally starts!

Our 20th straight Top 10 unlock!

Our one and only ask is a 1/50th share contribution to the Guild Event Silverhand unlock.

Our No-shows have a little time left to collect their loot, but we are taking names for daily players that can show up for a Raid to take their place.

We are casual but competitive. Probably not the best guild for new players, apologies.

Please dm your in game name and Reknown!

So how many spots do you have? Im a co leader in a guild that is in the top 50 but we barely have enough active members to finish the raids… Im active every day and donate regularly. Above 2300 rating and climbing

I checked in the game and it says your currently full. Im very interested in joining an active guild. Just lmk thanks

As I stated: at the time, taking names. What is your in game name? Reknown level?

18 renown
2524 battle rating
Thanks and sorry I must have missed that part my bad.

We have a few spots open for a daily, competitive but casual player.

Our only requirement is a 1/50th share of the Guild Event effort.

Please reply with in game name and Reknown level.

Sweet water, Light Laughter!

Kadancen2, 19 reknown. Fairly new player but active. Currently in another guild but willing to change, since it it halfdead.

Fifth to unlock most recent Guild Event. Consistently Top8 guild seeks daily players. Join us before next Rally so you can help us grab our 22nd Silverhand!

For our 22nd Guild Event since reorg, we were 2nd to unlock the Silverhand with 4 days left!

Looking for daily players that would like an easy Silverhand every Event. Please send in game name and Reknown. Cheers!

We have a few spots. Please send your in game name and Reknown level.

Sweet water, light laughter!

For our 23rd Guild Event since reorg, first to unlock!

Join us on our 24th quest for Silverhand loot!

Please send in game name and Reknown.

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