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Cumulative Daily Incubator?

I didn’t battle for about 3 days.
Then i finished 10 creatures and got that incubator… the counter did reset and i finished more 10 and another incubator, then a 3rd time.
Now the reset time for that task changed from the usual time i has (it was at night now it will be reset at afternoon).

is that cumulative? if i don’t get it for 10 days i can finish 100 creatures and get 10 incubators at once?


3 is the limit, IIRC


I agree it is 3 - where possible our alliance deliberately stack Saturday, Sunday and Monday daily incubators for the start of the next round of alliance missions.

I say you can stack 2, the 3rd day you need to open one, whether you need it or not. I didn’t have a DBI personal mission from Friday to Monday. Still could only open 2 and battle for the 3rd. So, I missed 1.

don’t know if i’m alone with this strategy, but i didn’t battle for 3 days to keep my highest score, since it is used when new season start as new record. and at weekends i use to drop dramatically in trophies, then i stopped to start with the last highest.