Cunning Creatures Strike


Whew… level 21s-ish cunning crits keep two-shotting my level 17/18s.

Guess that’s two epic strikes in a row I’ll be sitting out (struck out already, and not worth throwing green bucks at a “probably lose” situation)

My grief isn’t that there are some things my dinos can’t accomplish yet, I actually like having a challenge to work towards. My grief is that there’s such a fat prize attached to it. When you heap progressive rewards upon the strongest players (who honestly have less need of the bump up), you only widen the gap between mid-level and upper-level players.

Take note… eventually the mid-level players will get tired of running into brick walls, they will quit the game, and the income from the few higher-level players remaining won’t be enough to keep the game running. I’ve seen it play out time and again. This is the main reason I refuse to pay into games like this: by the time I pay enough to get where I want to be, the player base fizzles and the money was a waste.

We’ll see, but PLEASE stop artificially widening the gap!


If it makes you feel any better, you are not really missing out on all the useless Gen 2 and Koolasuchus dna


I have 26k of Gallimimus Arena excl DNA waiting for Monolophosaurus. Got 205 Monolophosaurus from the event very happy about that. To match the Galli still need 2500 Monolophosaurus dna. Ouch.

Players with high level creatures do need high level rewards. To keep feeling rewarded. Until they are lvl 30 throughout team.

Not taking anything from players with lvl 19 etc. But better to ask for more relevant event dino’s. Like lots of Monolophosaurus for example. :grinning:


:flushed: NTIRTD

Winner winner chicken dinner!


Stegod using SS anywhere near lvl20 and this event is fairly easy, immune creatures work well also. Monomimus, as long as you dont waste effort on evasive stance killed the first 2 dino each round. This 1 for me was much easier than the last


I didn’t win first around. I wasn’t going paid 200 to lose agian. Congrats to winners. We did our best to one who lost. There allways another day


You see… the fat prize… is what you said… something to work towards…

I get your over-all point, but actually, this strike event isn’t just for the strongest players… I am with the plethora of players between 3500 and 4500 trophies. We are the middle-high players, by no means the strongest. The vast majority of us have simply been playing every day since launch or there-abouts. Huge prizes like this are what we have worked for… it feels just that it’s not made easier than we had it for newer players to get to the same level. Repeating something I said in another post…

“I’ve been playing since 31st May… To sound like an old veteran… “in my day we didn’t have treasure chests, or any strike events. We had to build up our teams through real money and grafting. We had to spend our DNA on creatures which got nerfed. We put the time and money into the game which means these extras are now available to you!”

This strike event is tough, but achievable for a lot of middle-high players.

If it gets much higher (level 24/25+) then I would certainly be agreeing with your point, as they would only be achievable for the top 500ish.

I think this one is a fair reward for a fair level of difficulty, achievable for a lot of players.


Yes!! Thank you!
All of this, 100% on point :ok_hand:t4::+1:t4:


For me, the toughest epic strike event so far is still the Race to Victory one with the raptor squad at like level 27 or something :rofl: I was probably 8 player levels lowered at that time and still in Sorna, but to this day it was still the most challenging.

On a different note, I actually want a level 30 Stegodeus epic strike :laughing:


No… hearing that one person’s result from the incubator was dissatisfying doesn’t help… I still need so much epic dna, but sorry to hear yours was a bummer.

In regards to high-level players needing a high payout… on some games I’ve been a high level, and on some not… so I’ve seen both sides. On one hand, there needs to be a reward for the amazing accomplishment. On the other, if the reward widens the power gap, it destroys gameplay. Maybe I should just stick to checkers? There needs to be a reward, but it shouldn’t wreck game mechanics. For example, when an award is given to someone for winning a tournament, which only makes it easier for them to win the next tournament… unless it’s me… boo, hiss, bah humbug!!! …hello brick wall for everyone else.

I’ve had moments in this game where I won a match because of a smart decision, and it felt great. I’ve also had moments where I lost a close match and could appreciate the smart decision of the other player or the RNG element that led to us both taking a calculated risk. It may have been a bummer to lose, but it was still fun and exciting. I’ve also made stupid decisions and humbly realized them for the teaching opportunities that they are. This is all part of good gameplay, and essential to maintaining a player base.

This game hits a good niche, and has great potential and marketability, but will be ruined and fizzle out if it continues following failed roadmaps. Result: developers make bank for a year or two, but what could have been a great game for a decade gets shelved for the next sparkly money grab.


Grats… fun to win a close call


We need a bump up just the same to reach our goals… they may have progressed from “get first legendary” to “get first unique”… but a bump is a bump to reach the top 500.

Was super thrilled to get loaaads of Monolophosaurus - normally it’s just the coins I play strikes for :slight_smile:

But this was great :slight_smile:


If it makes you feel any better, my incubator was also full of crap… The only worthy reward were the coins, around 11.5k. The DNA was a huge letdown…


Thought it was a good one this week, tough but achievable. I’m sitting 34-3500 and got it with a bit of stegoceratops (21), dienocheirus(22) and two epics I can never remember the name of. Got me the final bits needed for monostegatops and part way to monomimus so more than happy.


I agree … this week’s was fun!

Gorgo (21)
Stegod (25)
Indominus (20)
Indoraptor (23)

Battles 1&2:
Stegod: superiority & rampage (repeat)
No losses

Battle 3:
Stegod: superiority & rampage (repeat)
Stegod dies beginning of fight 3 (opponent at full health)
Indominus: impact & rampage

Great Success :+1:t4::+1:t4:

Epic prizes:
284 Monolophosaurus
61 koolasuchus




Sexy time yeh!!


Well, just prior to successfully completing the event, I spent 70,000 coins to level my Stegodeus from 22 to 23 which helped to defeat these monsters. That coin payout for these strike events are seeming smaller and smaller the higher I go. I still need another 120,000 coins to level my top team at this point and got a few very close to leveling soon.

Don’t complain about the payout. What looks like meat and potatoes to a lower player is chicken feed now to me. It isn’t much and doesn’t widen the gap.


I have a strategy that may help people with lower level dinos. I just completed the event on my wife’s account using it. Never thought I’d be able to since my higher level dinos barely won. More excited to get that prize for her since she’s the one who got me playing this game. Anyways, I hope this helps others…

Pyroraptor lvl 14
Stegodeus lvl 16
Vraptor lvl 15
Spot 4: Dealers choice (something in your lineup with SS and armor, immunity or a way to debuff attack dmg) I used her lvl 16 stegosaurus at one point for SS but it didn’t do that great. Think that was round 2 because that was closer than rounds 1 and 3.

**(you could sub pyro for Utahraptor or a hybrid raptor if you have it, it just needs a third attack that does high damage like pyros wounding impact and you should check to make sure it’s speed is higher than the 3 dinos it will face)

Start with Pyro’s pounce, then swap to stegodeus or other tank with SS, absorb the blow that would’ve killed pyro, next turn SS, then Rampage or whatever your tank’s best attack in the situation is.
*Thago can be great so you don’t lose tempo after SS wears off, but this only applies if you and the dino will survive the hits
*if you have enough damage to kill the first dino with an attack that also creates a shield, do it
The goal here is to beat the 1st Dino and drain enough health from the second before your tank dies to be able to bring the pyro back in and finish without it getting killed. It’ll be faster than the 3rd dino so you’ll get to hit it with a wounding impact or whatever attack your raptor has available. This left the last Mono at like 950 health. In came the Vraptor with a pounce for the W. My forth dino in fight 3 was her lvl 15 stegocerotops but it got to ride it out on the bench.

Didn’t mean to make such a long post, but I know how bad it sucks to miss out on epic strike events even after throwing in game money at it for another attempt thanks to that beastly duo of birds last week.


Would really like to win this and more experienced players have been really helpful earlier. Would appreciate any help in how to team up and prioritize