Cunning dinos do not deserve any decrease spd resist or immunity

I tried doing the compy strike that came out March 18th and was absolutely blasted by the hybrid because it was max lvl and had huge boosts making it near impossible to actually beat without the ability to reduce its spd, being as it has 137 spd and is immune to spd decrease so even with using a resilient counter to the cunning dino it still lost and that is total bs, no strike dinos should have boosts unless they are the only dino there and further more even if the hybrid has dna from the dino in there it shouldnt be there


What creatures did you use?

Any reasonably leveled Diorajasaur or Mammolania could easily handle it.


My Poukandactylus basically handled all three of them. All I had to do was swap out on the very last member of the Compy2 gang, and that was only because the AI used Hop & Mock when I thought they were going to use the basic move.

I’ll ask the same as Lukey, what was your team?


Skoona, thoro, dioraja, a diplo



If Compsocaulus didn’t have decel immunity it would be worse than its own ingredient. The strike tower was pretty difficult, but honestly I’m fine with that since it was an actual challenge.


Lol I didn’t kill anything in the trial also I have a question why does Preon have 133 speed and has 100% speed decrease immunity

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Probably to balance out its low health, below-average output, and no rally heal.


I had trouble with the Strike tower, especially because of the boosted speed immune Compsocaulus. I still won, but I love a good challenge.


I was expecting this to be about something PvP related, not the strike tower…

Generally I agree, but also I think exceptions to the rule are fine. CompC, for example, is perfectly fine despite being immune to speed decrease, because it has other drawbacks that balance out the lack of weakness to Decel (mainly, it can’t really deal with any damage-reducing ability except kinda distraction).

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It has a rally heal in alert scurry

Was talking about Preondactylus.

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my level 24 skoona killed it

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you shouldve destroyed that.

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