Cunning Rampage not cleansing bleed

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Bug Description: cunning rampage when used is not cleansing bleed

Area is was found in: campaign but includes every battle

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- get bled by something
Step 2 - use cunning rampage, it will not cleanse bleed
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: every time, I’m pretty sure

What type of device are you using:
Galaxy A71 5G
Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
Screenshot of the bug in effect


Hey @Typhoon_Zach, thanks for the bug report! Our team is currently investigating the issue! :mag:



I’ve had this issue as well.
Surprise Nerf? Did they forget to add it on the notes?
Is it coming in the next patch, but they released it in advance?


Cunning strikes also don’t cleanse it.


Happens on scorpius as well. Makes cunning less useful. I dont understand how they can mess up something that was already working for a year.


It’s a remarkable ability that Ludia have!

Somehow things that are absolutely fine for months or over a year are suddenly broken with a new update.

When you see people saying Ludia actually add bugs every update, this is a fact that can’t be denied.


I am doing a blue boss, and it had bleed, used group cunning impact, and didn’t cleanse. This is kind of weird.

Cunning strike and impact worked for me

Yeah I noticed this in a battle today and came to report it. Hope they resolve the issue soon

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same problem

Ya, it’s understandable if they’re modifying the ability. But makes no sense, if it has nothing to do with the update.

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Any word on this one @Ned? It’s affecting gameplay drastically.

@Somedinoguy. I don’t have an update from our team on this yet but I’ll give our team another poke on this to see if I can get more info!

Currently, our team is looking into the affected Cunning abilities.


Healing abilities also do not cleanse bleed at all

My Grypo just healed and it cleansed bleed. Was yours a rally heal?

It’s probably not a bug, but a deliberate change they introduced too early. Prepare yourselves for this to be introduced intentionally in 2.16.


I wouldn’t doubt it. “We’ve discovered vulnerability was playing too large a role…” and they’ll change it to 1.25x and then not allow bleed to be cleansed to shift the meta. If so, that’s all fine and dandy but something that NEEDS to be in the patch notes.

Their versioning/pipeline process is abysmal and we keep getting these partially completed updates which is really aggravating. May as well take 3-5 days off after each one to let them fix the things that should have been caught in production.


Today, my Refrenantem’s Cunning Rampage didn’t cleanse him of bleeding either. On the other hand, Cunning Strike does, so I think that’s a bug.

Alert Instant Group Heal

Which creature has that? I’m not seeing it: