Cunning Rampage not cleansing bleed

Random moves with random descriptions? At least it would be impossible for us to spot the bugs.

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Here is an update from our team: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15 Known Issues


Yep can confirm this is an issue with all creatures that have CR. Scorpy, Ref, etc.

@Breona was just checking in to see where Ludia was at with fixing the cunning rampage. Unfortunately this bug is effecting this tournament badly, and I hope this problem can be resolved before the weekend is over. We are unable to counter the new thyla hybrid, the main counters need a bleed cleanse with CR and because it’s broken we are unable to do so. It’s one thing to have it broken in the arena setting, it’s a completely different matter when one creature dominates tournaments which alliances rely on for rewards and to keep their members feeling like they are able to get the rewards they worked so very hard for. This will frustrate many members of alliances due to the fact that it will make this tournament more relient on RNG due to creatures not working properly. We already had a few tough weekends in which rng played a major factor in tournaments, and I want to make sure this issue is resolved as soon as possible to prevent further frustrations with alliance members. Thanks so much! Really appreciate the help.

It seems to only be effecting cunning rampage, I think it’s a bug

I don’t think so because cunning Impact cleanses for some reason :man_shrugging:

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This still not being fixed is only pushing maybe even proving the notion that Ludia doesn’t care about the customer base. It has caused many issues that has disrupted the meta and causes losses that creates an imbalance in the game…

Not that I want to put a further downer in this matter but when Mortem was given Roar it should have buffed for 2 turns. It took over three months to fix that so don’t hold your breath for this one …….


Hey WhiteWolf1211, I can definitely understand the frustration caused by the sudden change to the Cunning Rampage ability. I don’t have further information from our team at the moment but please rest assured that this is still under investigation.

Once we get an update from our team, we’ll provide an update on the known issues thread.


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I have lost battles because of this issue!

Instead of just saying “Oops, someone messed something up. we will fix it as soon as we can” we get the general “this is under investigation, we dont know whats going on”… typical response for issues here. At least we can rest assured they are selling 40 apex dna for $100 and the game is almost 100% p2w at this point.

Hey everyone, Cunning Rampage should now be cleansing DOT. :partying_face:


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