Cunnings shouldn't beat dodge!

I wouldn’t be against that

Which post are you talking about?

This one. You can actually check by clicking on the reply arrow next to the post.

It would still feel kind of weird with the cats using precise pounce, but it would still be limited enough, and it would make sense since Nemys would keep precise pounce anyway.


Ok. Didn’t know as the post above was a very op move

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cats are cats
no matter what
they are presice
you can’t take that away from them
if you did, they would be dogs

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it has a cooldown of 2!
and a delay!

can stun, and speed up by 75%. It’s broken. If it did 30 or 20% I would be ok with it if it had a 1 turn delay at least, but it did no damage, or a 2 turn delay but it could do damage

it does 0.5x dmg!!!

I think if it sped up for 50% instead of 75%, it would be fine, a good raid move. The thing is, the stun makes it feel more like a resilient attack than a cunning attack. Not that it needs to be cunning, but cunnings are very limited in speedup options right now, and could use attacks that speed up more and do more damage. The only cunnings I could see getting it are Smilocephalosaurus and Smilonemys, inheriting the stun from Pachycephalosaurus.

I think some cunnings should be able to go through dodge:

  • Indoraptor: It can canonically Echolocate, which is just generally a thing that throws stealth out the window.

  • Spinoconstrictor: Pit Vipers are well-known for their abilities to hunt prey regardless of the time of day, and Wounding Counter definitely seems like Viper Venom.

  • Dilophoboa: See Spinoconstrictor.

And I’ll leave out Orion and Nemys on account of being part resilient.

I agree on the snakes, if not for the real life comparison because they inherit precise attacks from Titanoboa.

I agree on Indoraptor for the lore too. The funny thing is, Indoraptor (at least Gen 1) can’t actually bypass dodge, and I don’t think it needs to. I could go either way on Gen 2 doing so with cautious strike.

I actually made a move for Indo G1 for that purpose. Also a rework. Here it is:

I still think it upsets the game balance if too many cunnings have anti-dodge abilities. Precise is more understandable, since it doesn’t remove dodge, it just makes the dodge ineffective against other cunnings. But removing the dodge is countering it, plain and simple. You wouldn’t want the meta to centralize around dodge users that can remove dodge like this version of Indoraptor.

As a one off though, it wouldn’t be terrible. It would basically be the dodge equivalent of shield advantage. But you’ll notice that pure resilients that can remove shields are basically nonexistent.

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