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Curiosity killed the cat


If anyone can enlighten me how on earth you can have 5 uniques as lvl13 player…please do. I do not see how this is achievable.


I just think it’s funny that they have Indoraptor and Erlidominus with a level 19 Indominus…


Yeah, at lvl13 I don’t see 5 attempts to be enough for both during the last special event.
But I guess he/she/it really did 250 each try and unlocked all 5 of those uniques…


Seems hard to believe.


A Thor with level 17 Allo as well. Sure hope it gets investigated.


Even with vip it looks seriously hard to collect that much dna on 5 seperate darting sessions

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To get 250 Unique DNA with 15 darts would mean 16.67 DNA per dart, rounded up to 17 DNA per dart.

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The math with getting direct hits every time doesn’t equate.


I was doing the same math lol

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and you get 14 per direct hit at level 13…
so even with 15 darts direct hit, no-vip aside, its never enough


With sub-level ingredient dino to boot…


Might be a good time for Ludia to do a DB scan of accounts.


What is also kinky about this player is that the account is a guest account with no name and no #number… .something really stinks here


And now my original post got flagged by the “community”. Of course…although there was no name of player or alliance.

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they used the extended battery hack during st pats weekend to get the 5 uniques.


Who on earth would put the components and the hybrids in the same team while the components aren’t in the required level

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cant be, since even max score isnt enough to have enough dna


max score is 15 for regular battery right? this is an extended battery they use. not sure how it all works but id imagine they bypass those limits


This is a dev account. Most likely piloted by AI imho. Mystery solved.


Yep, I’m sure the developers try out the worst case scenarios before they hear about it after a release.


It took me all 5 tries to get Thor on my 2nd level 13 account. I was only getting between 60 to 85 per darting and had one bad darting session of only like 37. Even if all were dead on bulls eyes you couldn’t get 250 in one darting session. Humanly you couldn’t but maybe some computer program could fire off 15 and or maybe squeeze in a 16th bulls eye.