Curious about High Performing Alliances

Just out of curiosity as I play some battles where people will start with an equal team and make a couple moves and then let the game play itself.

Do players do this to get their 12 battles in or do players do this to get battles in to help hit that 10/10 in their alliance? Or do players do this to purposely drop trophy’s for easier wins later while at the same time getting a takedown or two towards their daily incubator?

This does help on my part to get takedowns and incubators with a slightly longer game as I have to wait for the count down each move. I mean I don’t mind. I have a 2nd account for those awful 12 battle days when there aren’t enough strike towers to cover.

I would assume yes to all your answers. I’m sure not everyone does this for the same reason.

Everyone has a different style in the arena.
I really don’t care about the arena till the last 8 days of the tournament, so will throw battles to stay out of the 2 min Nublar shores. My alliance has a tough time with defense and the less time I’m staring at a timer the better. I also try and get the 2 take downs first.

If you mean people not choosing moves, it’s also highly probably they may have disconnected, which happens to me all the time halfway through a match. And yes, I do know some people who purposely drop a little, although they wouldn’t purposely make the match go slower. For 10/10, which my alliance does hit, you need as many battles as possible as fast as possible, so drawing out the match benefits nobody.

tl;dr - Connection issues/Disconnecting

As a main player of my alliance, Nublar Shores has been wrecked by bad decisions and poor thinking.

If you intentionally throw matches to test out other dinos and dun enter Nublar even with the losses you probably save more time and thus add more battles and incs to your alliance.

I tried a new idea this Season, once the alliance.hit tier 6 defense, i swapped out my 4 tyrants for 4 unboosted/ low boosted dinos and then went into arena to grind battles and incs. Delayed my entrance into Nublar by 1 week and thus managed to do maybe 30 to 40 more incubators than normal.

For 10/10, you need to have fast battles and all hands on deck. Wasting time dragging battles does not help the grinding and will bore the player.

Throwing battles in Gyro Depot makes sense to avoid Nublar Shores and also with the 30s timer for AI you can do 20 battles per hour whether win or lose. Friendlies are faster for battle grinding since you can get 1 player to throw the match with all raptor teams and get 2 battles counted in 1.minute. Seen my alliance do 200 to 300 battles an hour when 20 members are online and on task.

This is called AFK battling. People do it to get battles and/or drop areas to get easier wins. Sometimes people will actually disconnect, so im sure it varies.

I do this for both reasons. It’s better than throwing campaign battles which requires you to keep pressing the button. Deranking also helps to open incubators on the way back up. Gotta carry those people who aren’t pulling their own weight… :stuck_out_tongue: