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Curious about the financial implications (if no boost reset) among higher lvl players

I’m wondering about a different aspect with this whole boosts/boosts reset mess. The Max nerf is massive, and Tryko to a lesser extent. Those 2 dinos are on on every single T50 arena team as of writing this post (and likely on almost every T500 team), and many of them boosted with, or close to 30 boosts. Removing all the boosts per dino will cost a 50% refund penalty of over $150 USD, or over $300 for both.

If Ludia decides not to reset the boosts on nerfed dinos, and it is discovered the nerfs make the dino(s) 2nd tier for arena, that would seem to be an obvious move by Ludia to force the top players to “cash-in” their spent boosts in order to stay high arena competitive, and generate revenue by making those players buy more boosts. My question is, is this revenue generation strategy going to work, or will more top players decide to walk away/become F2P if forced to lose that kind of money?


More more…MORE boost for maxima and tryko jaja