Curious (Monomimus)


Why is Monomimus better than Monostegotops? A Common x Epic hybric is better than an Epic x Epic hybric.

Quoting from Ludia’s update post

Hybrid Rebalancing
This update economically rebalances the metascore of the hybrids and superhybrids in the game according to the difficulty of obtaining their component elements. A Legendary that is created by performing a fusion between a Common and an Epic is not worth the same as a Legendary that is created by performing a fusion between two Epics. This is reflected in the changes to abilities and attributes as seen below.

If this is true Ludia, why did you give a weaker hybrid combination stronger skills?

Immunity + 129 Speed + Evasive Stance.

I think Monostegotops deserves nullifying rampage (2x damage) and it should have it’s pre-nerf speed of 125 to balance out the skillset of Monomimus.


Monomimus or Monostegotops

Monostegotops had 125 speed? :open_mouth:


I could be mistaken but I’m pretty sure it was 125.


Yes he had 125 speed and distracting impact, another nulifiybg skill is useless really because he had one yet and another better skill


Yea even before the patch released most people considered monostegotops to be getting nerfed.


Nah before the patch he was considered average cause his life was like 800,1000 less had only 20% armor and indominus and elridominus and inmune creatures cant be debufed so he wasnt so usefull like now, he needed to first skill distracting strike for not being oneshoted


Umm…actually we know that Monomimus is more difficult than Monostegotops to build up.

Yes, Galli is a common class dino. But the only stable resource is from arena 8 incubators.
Last week event and some strike events give you some chance to collect Galli DNA, but still not easy to create a Monomimus.

In this case, the strength balance is appropriate.
Because Galli is not as “common” as its rarity rank.


That’s irrelevant. I’m going based on Ludia’s official post.