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Curious players in the arena, really

I took the trouble to go down the sand, down to the “aviary” sand to be precise, hoping to see that at least in that sand I was not over-exploited with magnification.

Big was my surprise when I saw 3 examples of players with dinos overloaded with increases, I really don’t understand the need to overload a creature, they take away the fun from the game.

Example 1

Things that I realized are that any creature, no matter how bad it is, becomes good.

Example 2

I notice that the only way to go up from sands is to use fire against fire, I wish it wasn’t like that

Example 3

annoying to see extremely broken creatures, destroy your equipment as if they were leaves

The only way to have these skills is by buying in the store, that’s when I wonder how much money these players spend, where do they get that money from, a person who works, studies or simply plays from time to time, would spend excessively money that it would serve for other things more useful than a game.

every time this happens, it just makes me want to have the player in front of me and take out express my anger physically against him (sorry if it offends someone, but really annoying)

If you had that money, would you be one of those players who curioses the arena and takes the fun out of the game?

  • Yes
  • Not

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Personal note: never go down from sand, it is difficult to climb, I tell you from experience

I remember those times when increases did not exist, only the level of the creature mattered … we will never see that beautiful time again…


Pretty sure beating the hell out of your team is still fun for them. Stop whining.

I don’t know what you mean, express yourself better please :neutral_face:

That was the best time of the game, before the 1.7 update.


I don’t run into too many such teams with super over boosted creatures. I don’t use boosts at all and still beat teams that have boosts applied. I’m in Avairy hanging around the 4600 mark. I have the boosts to make a beast or two but I have over 130 creatures at team level and don’t want my giant team unbalanced to where I have to rely on boosted creatures to hold my position.

If i have all of that money i will spend in something else like food, ( 15.000 bucks = 100 bowls of meatball lol)


Best solution is to screenshot their profile and post in some Discord server to mock.

Its their money and their decision to be jerks. Ludia shouldnt legislate for jerkiness because its subjective.

If these players cannot play with the big boys then they suck. Anyway their teams wouldnt cut it above Library anyway. I have less adept players with better teams in my alliance who are firmly in Library/Gyro border.


Before boosts, creature levels were this. Whoever had the higher level creature won.
Whoever hunted and/or bought more dna won.
Boosts are just the new version of that.
They’ve been around long enough, now, that not everyone who has heavy boosts has spent money on them.
About 75% of my boosts were bought with cash I won in the old arena-Tournament-LB system… whatever they used to call it.
Accept your place in the hierarchy, or adapt.


If it were necessary to donate money to the company to eliminate the increases, I would do it without thinking, I loved 1.6

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My whole team is nearly max boosted from playing the game and tap joy offers. It’s just ridiculous at this point to cry every time you face a boosted dino, we just had a reset so those people may have played or just played more than you and either way get over it

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It is one thing to raise the stats 2 or 3 points, another thing is to over-explode them in very low arenas for that level of creatures and level of the default creatures in that arena. 2 very different things


In that relatively average arena, it’s stupid to try to excuse yourself that we just rebooted, it’s been a month and a half.

It is not that I cry for every time I get a team like that, only that thinking yourself good for using creatures with high magnifications is pathetic(I’m not telling you, it’s not personal, the translator corrects wrong) if it is not a problem for the players, it is a known problem “bad pairing”

What a stupid post. Not nearly as many players as you think pay big bucks. When the boost reset happened they probably just put everything that was refunded on one solitary creature. And even if they bought the boosts they should be able to spend their money however they like without being criticised. So please don’t try to make people feel bad because they chose to spend THEIR hard earned money on what they like


Let’s just let people play the game how they want, it’s really not fair to call them “pollutant players” when it’s their money and boosts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone being a “pay to win” player. There’s no right or wrong way to play or spend your valued money & timeon the game. I voted yes because the poll in hand is so ridiculously biased, and players spending money on the game compared to free to play players is a non-issue at that.


Aviary players are funny. That’s a pitifully weak tryko and indo. They could easily be free to play.


you’re right in that, I’ll correct the term “pollutants.” my mistake

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And as long as ludia keeps up the good work like they are right now, I’ll continue to give them my support in the form of buying trainer bundles

That makes zero sense. Regardless of what arena you’re in, you use the resources you have at your disposal.
Why would anyone limit themselves to 2 or 3 tiers if they have more, and WANT to use them?


Before answering, I want to say that I do not want to offend anyone, much less seek to argue, just to demonstrate my point of view before these curious players, If they have and can spend their money as they want, it is not my problem, I am wrong about that and I apologize.

now yes, responding to @Ardens, increase a dino until it is unstoppable (or a team) in arenas like this, it makes me boring, if someone tries to get a balanced team and a player like that destroys your team, it takes away the desire to play, I only ask that the battles are more fun (I mean a balance of both teams). Maybe it’s me, maybe I just need to improve the match to a more balanced one.