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Curious who haven't you created?


I hoped to create them all at some point and am surprised giga is still on the list.


Just missing: Tryko, Erlidom, Grypo, and Dioraja.

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Erlidom will be voted most popular :open_mouth:

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Still got a long way to go…


Getting there not happy about the 2 darwin based creatures coming as having enough issues finding sino erli and gypro as is!

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Yeah the dna pool and our odds getting worse with every creature added is frustrating…

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No one.


You’ll get there :slightly_smiling_face:


Soo close on Tryko! Just need more Trex.


I have 1600 left and 80 to go and will probs need all of it. Don’t recall getting that many 10s on anything so far. I’m short on anky big time.


Will be starting on tryko soon… just stocking up on ingredients for a mass fuse :smile:


I’ve been donating all my tuoji and might regret it lol


I got lucky with my fuses. Went from 0/250 to 220/250 in a week. The Rex event helped as well as finding 4 in the wild last Monday. I also got Anky in both if the epic strike events. Only have 2 fuses worth of akyntro though so I hope to get a 30 on the next fuse.

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I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I’m really hoping the last 80 go better, that’s pretty frustrating. Dilor was nice, had great fuse luck.



i couldnt find that thread where you were asking about tany. if you can, tag me into it so we can talk more about tany. i dont want to derail this thread. ty!!


I unlocked my last Dino last week. It was Tauramoloch.
Saved it for last as I was never a fan of Stigi or its hybrids.

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Just Gypolyth


All uniques minus Indoraptor and Utanirex.