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Current Blue Incubator

Paid 640 in-game money for Blue Incubator (18-Apr-19), indicated would get some Epic and Legendary / Unique DNA. Only got Common and Rare DNA.

Defintely did not indicate you would get legendary or unique dna. Its a RARE incu. U get a set amount of guaranteed rare DNA plus some guaranteed common DNA. Not legendary or unique.

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U don’t even get guaranteed legendary DNA in a premium incubator brother

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This is what is guaranteed in a rare(blue incubator)

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Sorry but it was Event Blue Incubator which indicated would have EPIC DNA, as advertised.

If it won’t have EPIC DNA don’t advertise it as such.

Regards Derek

Apologies forgot to say was showcase event blue Incubator , indicating in advert would contain Epic (none) and Legendary ( none) DNA