Current gear event worse than regular sharpstone

The 2x gear event on sharpstone actually has lower gear numbers than the regular event, even when doubled.

Event is a joke as you’d be far better off doing the regular sharpstone.

Both the common and the 20 roll. Event has a single epic x2, but the regular sharpstone has a 4 epic card 20 roll.

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I did notice that too.
I believe this is because when they first introduced the dice rewards, this was the amount of gear we would win (1 epic on a 20 roll dice). They changed the values and increased it a couple of months ago (getting to the 4 epics on 20 roll dice).
I guess they forgot to also increase the event template.
Look this up @Jon

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@deathmessia This is a known bug on the D20 during this event, and our development team is looking into it.