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Current Heroic Adventure - Great Job Ludia!

Finally Ludia, you excelled yourselves!

3 Legendaries in one single event? Top-notch!
Phase I = 11 matches? Great!
Phase II = 10 matches with 200 gems as 2nd match reward? OMG
Phase III = let’s see but I’m sure it will be worth it!

I’m sure this time all the WoW will appreciate this event! Very well done!

I only hope I won’t loot only Broock of Shielding…


200 gems to buy back in. Not worth it for anyone not near max level. The matching mechanic is still a mess, so it’s just a gem sap for me. Maybe if I level up some gear in the next couple days, and artificially keep my trophy count low, I’ll sneak in a few wins toward the end.

But to randomly grab a legendary armor, or most likely a brooch of shielding? Nope. I’d rather spend the gems on epic packs.


[Note: This is an edit of my previous post]

In the past my primary concerns have been high cost, inadequate rewards, excessive duration and rigged opponents. Some issues have been resolved while others has intensified.

  • Cost - This event is running while many players still have the Book of Bravery Spellbook active, making the event free. (Problem Resolved for those with Spellbook). However, I have been informed that buy-ins start at 200 gems and escalate. Tier one is also no longer free. This massive increase is prohibitive/ (Problem intensified)

  • Rewards - Instead of multiple useless trinkets, the rewards now include worthwhile chests and 3 Legendary cards. (Problem Resolved)

  • Duration - With a Legendary Card available at each level, players can now choose between three different time allocations. (Problem Resolved)

  • Opponents - While some opponents are suitable bots, others have seen eclipse me by as much as 1200 trophies. During a paid event my account should not be matched against top-10 players. (Problem intensified)

Some good ideas, but cost prohibitions and difficulty increases will make the current event unplayable for many players. More good ideas ruined by via the implementation of critical flaws.


Wow, luckily I passed Phase I without spending any gem.

Phase II temptative reset costs 250 gems :thinking:

Spot on review.

Phase III still 10 steps, not bad.

300 gems on match #2
Purple chest on match #4

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Thanks for about tier 3 @Fizbanius.

The way this event is going I suspect I may soon get matched against you. Although my 1st five battle were against easy bots, since then I have won only 1 battle in 14 tries.

While my trophy count slightly above 3500, I’ve battled players around 4700 trophies and continue to get matched against the loaded level 20 bots. All of this while on an extended loosing streak.

I’ve seen other players post elsewhere they have refilled 7 and 11 times while in the 1st tier. By experiment I suspect I would be similar. This event is a corrupt gem/money grab, with a few legendaries dangled in hopes players will not notice the cost outlay.

The combination of this obscene cash grab. the recent apparent reduction of server capacity and ongoing WotC developer acquisitions may lead one to suspect this app is nearing the end of a limited run.


Can’t wait @Orloch!

So far I met 4 times (in a row) the same player and 1 time Brom (he beated me) in Phase I.
I passed Phase I with no gems spent.

I reset during Phase II (I only met bots) since I lost 3 matches in a row when I was 9/10.

Right now I’m 4/10 on Phase III with 3 lives. Dunno yet how much it cost to reset Phase III (hope I won’t find :joy:).

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I just finished phase 2 and the bots I’m facing are 1700 trophies higher than me. I don’t think it makes any difference since I always face all 20s but wow that is a big difference and I still have a round to go.


Same GP, always bots around 5.600

Great for high level players that can steam roll any opposition. For everyone else another frustrating experience not worth the trouble


Yeah sorry, when I posted it, didn’t know about the 200/250 gems to reset.

Ludia, why not charge us 2,000 gems to continue.

The last player I fought killed my team with one attack.
Loving the balanced thang.

Next event like this, let Fitbanius fight me 3 times in a row, end my misery super quick and then surely he will offer up more glowing reviews on how he and the top 10 players are loving this event. :crazy_face:

And PS…FIX the loading issue!!!, it’s enough of a struggle…see above… without auto losing!!!

PPS When I first saw this event, I was excited to put forth my normally heroic effort, but 200 gems…SAPPED MY WILL, REALLY FAST.


A couple of additional thoughts:

  1. The revised event algorithm significantly favors the top 10 to 20 players. They are matched against similar or weaker opponents to those encountered in Battle Mode. :grimacing:

  2. The revised algorithm severely punished most other players. Being matched against opponents who are currently 500 trophies above our highest trophy counts was obscene. It likely some of the players I battled will exceed my trophy count by 1500 before the season ends. I had little to no chance against such opponents. :scream:

  3. Had I attended the D. J . Trumpski Skool of Ethiks I may not have been surprised when two top-15 players chose to rout me, regardless of the 900 and 1200 point trophy differentials. Perhaps I have been foolish in generously allowing such weaker opponents win. I had assumed all top players did the same. However, I suppose if I were pursuing the top trophy count I might be less generous. :upside_down_face:

  4. Hopefully the developer is aware many players approved of some wise changes implemented in this iteration. However, charging an outlandish toll to play an event with impossible match-ups on unstable servers was a poor choice. :nauseated_face:

Good luck to everyone playing the event. I suspect this event will have many players complete the 1st tier with very few continue on, and without significant changes to the costs/revised algorithm, almost no one will participate next time.


I will also be getting the free-trials 3-hour book.
But I might still get a better return on my time by grinding light estate for free for 3 hours. 1 roll per run, 5 min per run, 36 rolls. That’s a lot of fine loot. Plus not paying the 16,200 for it. :slightly_smiling_face:
Or I could spend 3 hours grinding at PvP with unfair matching, aggrevating my heart and soul. And panicking that I might not get it done in time.
Time is the limited resource. And I ain’t got no time for that.


I thought it was better overall than previous ones. Not perfect, but a lot better.

30ish wins for 3 legends is a lot better than 50 or more wins per single legend events, . As for cost, I generally compare that to the 2.5k gems 2 for 1 legends pack in shop. If it costs me less gems than 1,250 per legend, it’s better than the shop price and hence at some sort of discount. I had the book, so no direct experience. But if I was paying, I’d be looking at anything significantly less than 3,750 gems as being a discount from shop prices. Whether that discount is worth it for you, the time spent, and how many gems it costs will of course vary from player to player.

Don’t really have enough data to judge matching, so will have to rely upon others experience. Pretty much I saw mostly guild mates, than a few non guild people like Bromm, CDXX66, and a few in that range, and than a few max level bot teams.


Loading errors are still making this event impossibly expensive, if possible at all.


They are just trolling everyone now. Removal of unlimited entries from first tier completely removing any fun or enjoyment out of us not high enough level to get through on 3 attempts, I was matched against dubiously higher level opponents and got hammered losing 3 out of 5 matches very quickly. Then a 200 gems rebuy! Doesn’t matter how many Legendaries they are dangling in front of us, it’s unaffordable and an absolute sham scam to anyone but the top players or those who are rich/crazy enough to want to pay for a few virtual items.


The 2500 gems guarantees 2 Legendary items, spending 200 gems per reset does not.
In theory it’s a better deal, but with matchups I am experiencing and have experienced in these event types…