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Current issues with the game?


@Ned and @Jorge can we get some sort of global post about whatever is going on with the game, seems like there are a lot of folks having issues with their setup. I think it would help if Ludia could put something out like “we are aware of the issues with XYZ setups and our teams are making this a top priority to remedy. We will update this thread as more information becomes available, and will at least update the post daily with the current status of the issue”

Really anything that folks could come to the forums and get information on what the issue is and what’s being done to remedy it. I know it is not a global issue since a bunch of the folks that frequent the forums haven’t had any issues but it also seems there is a large group that might be having issues that could really use some insight into what is being done.

My 2 cents.


Very good idea, I have two issues at the moment and it would be interesting to know if these are global or local.

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I’m currently having a problem where small black squares are appearing over my resource icons. Anyone else expieriencing it?

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Hello @Nicholas_Hummel and welcome. Not on my side, I’m facing dinos that disappear in the dino storage and code 19 that will never end, meaning I have no chance to send a team. Ludia is announcing on Twitter that they have technical problems. Maybe that’s the reason for all kind of issues we have.

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Nedry is stealing embryos. Somebody check the east dock and the dilophosaur paddock. And the vending machines. The phones are rebooting and he said a few systems would go offline.


I’m sure that Dilophosaurus will handle Nedry. Oh my God, Nedry survived and now he is chief developer of the game.


Feed him to the sharks, I mean, tylosauruses! :dragon_face:


Here’s the next issue in the game.

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Current status:



@Ned, issue with the survey link…

There is no link in the top where it says Link (yellow circle).

So I tried the spelled out link at the bottom even though it says for Android users and got this message:


Try restarting the game @Tommi, mine was working okay when I came to it this morning.

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Same for me on the survey reward


Hey Sionsith, could email those screenshots along with your support key over to our support team here at so they can take a closer look? Thanks!

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Same for me.

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Thanks for the tip @Sionsith. Restarting did not help but in the end when collection time came it was back to normal.


The trade harbor is totally useless

Look at the pricing I could buy 10 of the buildings cheaper on the market than the price offering in the trade harbor


@MR.305_Rocks welcome to the forums.

Those trades are great once you get into the end game and you have 99,999,999 coins with no room in your park to place any buildings. I snatch those trades up all day long and then wait for the trade harbor to offer me DNA, Bucks, or VIP points for those buildings. I regularly will blow 15-40 million for a single trade in the harbor for decorations or boosters in order to utilize resources that are maxed out.

But yes if you really wanted to build those buildings it would be cheaper to drop them on your map and wait for them to complete their build.

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Then shouldn’t the trade harbor change according to your level ?


It does I believe based on total resources you have on hand, not 100% on this but I believe it does have some scale to where you as a player are.

Here is one of the trades I was referring to earlier:


your at max level mate :confused: