Current meta isnt very fun

Game is far too unbalanced and this is made intentional by Ludia as a quickly shifting meta due to more rapidly releases of new superior creatures means players are more likely to invest money into the game in order to be able to play competitively.


This is only true if you’re main focus is to continue to progress in the arena leaderboard.

The best thing to do is to find ways to still enjoy pvp with different teams and not to worry about your score for a while.

To keep up with the meta you have to spend money and that’s what keeps the game going after all. So let those who have the cash to spend do so and the rest of us can find ways to still have fun :grinning:


This might work for a few months, but sooner or later people will be tired of it, including big spenders. It’s just stupid to work hard to get any meta creature to level 30 and max boosted then to see it underperforming in the next update.


I don’t think it will include big spenders.
Big spenders need something to spend money on.
Don’t needs coins, don’t need boosts…
And from personal experience Raid/Arena/Advantage teams are pretty much done.
If there’s no new content to actually work on they get bored.
This gives them something to focus on.
It’s more of a punch in the face to F2P players.
That’s what Ludia needs to figure out.
People like to progress and although it doesn’t really effect me at all (Consume… Consume… CONSUME!) It’s wrecking havoc on my F2P wifes team.
The only reason I’m not screaming doom and gloom because watching her play it’s obviously effecting her opponents as well.
Me giving her team advice has given her an edge.
I don’t know how the constant changes will play out over time, but progression wise those who adapt the best will succeed in F2P land somewhat.
(I mean she’s still in Library, but she hasn’t been knocked to Aviary.)

They’ve got to be getting closer to a team vs team thing coming. Seeing the auto join raid thing working good, the next step is to jump into setting it up to have teams playing teams. Then we have alliance trophy scores and I think this would bring new life and fun to the game.

I totally agree.

I just hate battling. My team sucks but it’s my fault for not boosting unique. Normally I’m around 5300-5400 but lately I’ve been bouncing back and forth with the aviary. I hate battling and get no enjoyment from it. Sometimes I just close my phone when I know I’m going to lose from the start. I just want to fill incs and start at 5k for tournaments. I don’t care to be a big player on arena. There are way too many creatures released too rapidly though. More than that they are all exclusives. To top it off, championships aren’t even featuring them no exclusive dna anymore.

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Really hope that this will never come. I want to play the game how and when I want. Interactions with alliance mates is good, but I do not want to be forced to organize with anyone to battle. Neither in arena nor in tournaments.

Raids are already annoying enough. Let us just play the game. Without always switching to discord in order to organize anything…

I’m right with you here @Phil, there really is no joy to be had when you face teams of fully boosted creatures that have only just been released!

I played unboosted on one of my alts for almost a year after the boosts were introduced but began boosting it when tournaments became worthwhile.

I have no problem whatsoever with players who enjoy keeping up with the meta and spending big in order to do so. I just don’t want to be sucked into feeling like I have to spend a fortune to have fun. Which leads me to the point made by @Oriondestiny about team matchmaking. I would love this and hope it may be become a thing at some point.

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