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Good Morning All,

I am writing this as an open letter to Ludia to explain that the current model that you are using for balancing is going to destroy your paying player base, the very base that keeps this game alive. I want to express our EXTREME frustration with how you approaching creating balance and how that will ultimately serve to destroy this great game.

I understand balancing needs to take place. I am fully aware you have metrics that show winning percentages based on using X Dino. There is always laws of unintended consequences in relation to balancing when attempting to create the fairest game possible.

At higher levels ( top 300 or so ) it takes an extreme amount of resources to bring a dino to competitive levels. These resources for many of those in the top 300 come at a cost of hard cash. We happily spend 50-100 a week trying to build up our teams with the understanding we have a viable resource for the near future.

What has taken place over the last several months is near highway robbery. It has become almost routine for you to nerf, provide an extremely strong dino for players to level up, provide means for payers to ramp up said dino, only to pull the rug out from under us as we push towards that dino by giving it a nerf stick. This happened a TON with Monominus pre 1.5. You create ways for us to buy it only to destroy it. Why are we going to spend our hard cash on a consistent basis only to have it be thrown out the window? Its freaking messed up.

I am not a whale by any means but I do contribute enough to support half a programmers wages monthly. I am telling you now, if you nerf Uta and leave a whole pile of people with yet another useless dino, we are walking. It just is not worth the investment of time, money and energy.

The only other solution I can see, is that you do the following:


  2. Even better yet, if you intend to make a sweeping change on dinos YOU KNOW people have invested in, allow us to re-coup some of those resources. Let us DE-LEVEL the damn thing and recoup our investment.

I am telling you, the player base is RAGING ANGRY right now at the prospect of this nerf. If you go through with it I know at least 5-20 players, all of which contribute between 100.00 to 500.00 monthly WILL walk. You need to stop screwing the people who pay for your game. Conservatively you are talking about 10-15k monthly that WILL walk.

/end rant


100% on point :raised_hands:t4:


Hear hear!!!

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Furious here

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:smiley: that is a great saying.

Ludia seem very relaxed about all of this. As each update as come along we do see some improvements but with spawn nerfs and dino nerfs it is making thing a little.more frustrating


you know, i’m not furious, i’m just disappointed, and mostly at the lack of communication.

ludia - you do know that many of us pay, to varying degrees, to play this game, yes? you know thats where your paychecks are coming from, don’t you? changing the elements of this game without giving us notice is a bit like changing our dish at a restaurant after we’ve already ordered.

you’ve made a real product, real people are using it, using real money and real time - you cannot make silent arbitrary changes to what you’ve given us after we’ve already paid and are continuing to pay for it, or we’ll simply find a better and more communicative place to eat.

my two cents.


This is the first and only game I have ever played that remotely resembles this one. I’m too far invested with both time and money to consider quitting, but the temptation is formidably strong due to the unannounced changes that have taken place and continue to do so. There are too many examples to list and I’m not one to be overly vocal in general, but am adding to this thread because I strongly support the points that were made. Its almost as unethical as bait and switch tactics by crooked businesses.


So I’m sitting here scratching my head at part of this one…with zero communication changes happen? Cause I’m pretty sure we get at the ver least indirect communication via the changes to the text of certain abilities. And that tends to happen well in advance of any changes actually taking place. I’ll point to DoT’s and SS as examples of this.


I agree that some notice is given, but from what I have seen it is after they promote and encourage the evolution of creatures. Mono was finally a featured dino Oct 20-21 then nerfed mimus shortly thereafter in early November is one example. Sino has been in the spotlight for a couple weeks and now utahrinex may be compromised.

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You are correct, and those events did happen in rather close proximity.

However, I’d also like to present the flip side of that coin.

Mono was a featured dino, and then its other hybrid, Monostegatops, gets a pretty big buff to its HP and its stun moving to a Greater Stunning.

Sino has been in the spotlight for a few weeks now, and while Utarinex may be on the block to be nerfed next, it also has another rather powerful hybrid as well that they may be using the events to promote (instead of upping the spawn rate of Sino as they have been lately for the ingredients of some of the other new hybrids).

I was running with those two specifically since you had mentioned them. I’m about to get some sleep here shortly, so not thinking of any others that may fall more into line with what you were saying in your post…though if you find/think of others, I’m certainly open to re-evaluation!


I can’t agree more. Totally!


Adding my name.

I will be claiming my money back through PP for ‘product not as described’ if this goes ahead.

Suggest we all do the same.


Ludia, if you nerf some good dinos again in the next update, I will stop playing. I’m sick of this. I put so much really money and time into this game. I was furious when you nerfed monomimus, if you nerf utarenix I swear i will stop playing your stupid game. Your company has no heart, fooling your players.


I was driving and thinking hmmm I’ve got 67000 gallimus and 5400 or so Gen 1 Triceratops at player level 20. Why would they make galli so plentiful if not to make it’s hybrid? In the interim they were thinking let’s admit our miscalculation which had to be known prior to promoting the creation and evolution of mimus. The stun buff was a clean sweep across all stunning creatures so something lost was something gained. I would venture to guess it was intentional and find that very disheartening to put it mildly. Maybe, just maybe, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing at company headquarters and they weren’t trying to upset the vast majority of their customers. I always try to see the best in people, but this is a challenge. Respect :slightly_smiling_face:

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So if you want no nerf one hybrid of a creature and make another hybrid of the same creature stronger, why don’t you make this creature featured after balancing? Alright, it was a gross miscalculation, but give something to players to compensate it. Go, catch monolophosaurus and create new powerful hybrid.

But instead of this they ran mono, everyone fused it into monomimus and they they nerfed it. A great logic!


It’s not good enough. It causes arguments and distress (yes people get way too caught up in this silly game but it does affect people). Changing text all of a sudden is not a good solution.
If they are even considering a change they should post it so people don’t waste time money etc into something you e heard this before right.


That is a horrible point; nerfing straight after people have just upgraded is horrible! Monosteg gets a huge buff after people have thrown all the DNA into Monomin wth. I’d love to have monosteg at the same level as my Monomin that’s riding the bench and flashing for an evolution.


Likely cancelling my VIP membership if this goes on. Talking with several top players with their respective allianes outside of in game chat and will likely push for protest by unsubscribing VIP memberships if Ludia decides to rob the community of real hard earned money.


Well said.
Totally agree.


I think that the first balance patches was necessary, but as the game grows and goes on, it should go towards a sort of “definitive” meta, with some dinos stronger than other period…not that every two months there’s a change that can completely screw or get from zero to hero already existing dinosaurs. In this way you not allow to tour playerbase to take the game “seriously” and in a competitive way. Last but not least, i think that ANYONE who put time, energy and also money after the third time would get rired of this bad habit and quit…