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Current party broken

This is not my current party why is still choosing from my random roster???

Hey there, tony_poore. Could I ask you to reach out to our support team at with your support key so our team can better track this?

Thank you!

This happened last event over and over an nothing was done about it. Im just gonna stop paying for VIP for a game with so many bugs that just get ignored thank you though

Is there a Current party event even going on right now? I don’t see one in event tabs and just did a match that was my PvE party with 2 of my toons not even in my Pvp roster. I chose a normal PvP queue and somehow it gave me my current party. :man_facepalming:

I guess it’s the current test of might. I just noticed an icon that says “Details” but when I tap it nothing happens. Guessing that is a “Current party” test of might event? Seems silly to get matched against someone in that event when I’m choosing to just do normal PvP queue. Especially since it seems that if you do choose the event queue it’s giving ppl a random team :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: App must have Spaghetti code :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: Beware boys and girls of what your Current party is set up as even for choosing normal PvP. :man_facepalming:

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I think that above where it says details in ToM, there is supposed to be a helm icon that corresponds to the helm icon for current party. But it typically shows up as a white square on both devices that I play on.

Once I had one of those FUBARed restarts where it says [0000] all over the place, but it showed the helm icon in ToM.

It looks like current ToM lets you fight with your selected party, rather than randomly selecting from your roster. I’m not complaining, just finished the event with 25 wins vs 3 losses. Interestingly, the bot matchup never seems to exceed 600 trophy count above my level. If this is as intended, I have to say I welcome the change!

Hi all,
Farideh’s Recruitment event (Appearing as a Test of Might event in game) is suppose to use your current party. However, we are aware of a bug that if you are currently logged in when the event starts, occasionally the game will not take your current party. Closing and reopening the game a couple of minutes after the event goes live should fix this.

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I also have had this same issue and noticed after I lost my first fist with random characters, I had also been de-ranked from under dark to labyrinth.

Well logging out and back in should fix it… It did not. Unless I sign out and back in every time I want to use my current party…

I’ve just tracked my last 18 matches; 14 against bots and 4 against actual players. Every match against a bot had the right setup and every match against live opponents had random heros for me. That’s a pretty good sample size. Anyone else seeing this pattern? I did contact support about it just a minute ago, but haven’t heard back yet.

Well at least im not the only one…

I didn’t try last time when I noticed I did not get the wrecking crew team I use. PvP has a lot of problems, but getting stuck with the extra four loser character you have to make available is a big one. I was excited to read on here they were final,y doing this part of PvP right, but then when I saw they stil, weren’t I just went back to not playing PvP.

Interestingly, the Test of Might that started today that doesn’t have the (white square) current party icon Is using my current party.

Haven’t been playing much lately. However, this is pattern I have seen for the limited current party events I have done (current party used against bots and random against live opponent)

I got paired up in regular arena battle today against a guildie who was doing the test of might. It used both our current parties.