Current PVP battles has to go?


I was hoping for a more hands on strategic approach like being able to pick your own creatures for the battle. The way it is now there’s nothing strategic about it just like playing a random computer game of Solitaire, boring! Will for me, if you solitaire sorry! I really hope JW Alive changes this feature to full human interaction for the “PVP” battles it would have a lot more meaning to them. I would like to know your thoughts?


Simple solution limit raptor types to two per team, or reduce raptor speed by 7% for teams with more 50%.


Anyway I would like to keep the topic focus on my original post…


I think the current PvP for the most part is fine, minus maybe the annoying random mechanics like cloak.

This isn’t the hardest most tactical game available but it certainly has skill. I think about how me and my partner have an almost identical lineup but I’m a significantly higher rank which I like to attribute to skill.
I like to think that since every player I’m battling against has stronger dinosaurs I’m using tactics to beat them.

As for the whole picking Dino’s thing. I like the idea of adapting to the squad given to me and knowing that my opponent doesn’t know what I’m using.


Raptor limit and reduce speed of raptor when raptors are alrdy kind of useless :smiley: smh


True there are a lot of game that are very strategic. However, the whole purpose of having a battle between persons is to out wit the other. When a computer picks your creatures you most use instead of you that’s 50% of the process of out maneuvering your opponent.


My raptors can nearly one hit kill any opponents creatures. If yours can’t, I don’t know what to say?


I am new to the JW Alive as of two weeks ago and in my short time here I have seen some power changes with regards to what your saying. That is why allowing gamers to select their own team will help to balance out the over powered creature types. This can be done by limiting same types to two in your main team. This still allows for personal selection making the battle more of wits then a game of solitaire…


Yep yep, mine too when i was like 1000 trophy! :slight_smile: but now in 4000+ raptors is just waste of time :smiley: my 21 velociraptor cant do rly anything anymore, and im kinda happy about it, can use other dinos :> so tell noew where bronze league you battle if u raptor kill entire team?


I don’t know anything about bronze team? I am in level 5 battles and use raptors as well as my opponents regularly. The opponents raptors are equally impressive as mine and depending who goes first decide the match…


Yeah, well when u reach something like 11-12 lvl and 4000+ trophy and still using raptors, I’m gonna give u medal.


My very own medal 24k gold with my name on it? I think your just kidding right? Gold medalist though WOW that would be great :star_struck:


rather just make pounce hit 1.5x instead of double


At that lvl Trick raptors are still playable but as you move into higher lvls and arenas Raptors are pretty much dead. Tanks that have Cleanse or counter strike pretty much bodys Raptors on the regular.


My original topic is fast becoming about Raptors! My original post was to get thoughts about deciding for yourself which part of your team to play vs the current random slot machine computer generated version. And so no one abuses over powered Dino’s limit each alike type to a max of two per main team selected.

I would really like to get thoughts about this or your possible suggestions. As it right now 50% of the strategic battle plan is computer made, that’s not true PVP!


it would be fine if they would totally get rid of all probability attacks/abilities. let us decide who wins, and not have a computer RNG decides who wins.


I forgot than out of your main team you can only select one from each of your related types…


Indeed! There does have to be balance and my reply above would do that I believe.


I think I’ve got a solution. Introduce certain roles in the player’s team. Make it a Type A, Type B, Type C for example. You choose 3 Dinos to be Type A, 2 to be B and 3 to be C. The rng shall make sure, that at least one of A, B and C are in your actual combat team. So you’ve got more influence on your actual battle team, without choosing on your own and the draw should be more balanced :smiley:


I think it was set that way to encourage playing and leveling up different types of creatures and to see different team ups to keep the game diverse and not play the same 4-8 creatures over and over. With that being said I do understand your frustration,hell just 2 days ago I was saying the same thing until a friend brought that point up to me and I kinda makes sense but it still annoys me.