Current pvp team (advice)

Sorry for those who like a screenshot but im going text based. The numbers in brackets are boost tiers (H/D/S).

Currently im running the following team (though i have a couple of projects - ank lux, allorod in progress).

Spinocon lvl 28 (0/3/2).
Indot lvl 29 (0/5/3).
SR3 lvl 28 (0/3/2).
Pho lvl 27 (4/4/8).
Parat lvl 25 (0/5/5).
Skoona lvl 27 (10/5/0).
Thor lvl 27 (8/10/8).
Vas lvl 27 (unboosted).

Other notables:

Albertocev lvl 27 unboosted.
Albertospin lvl 25 (5/4/0).
Testa lvl 25 (4/4/2).
Djora lvl 25 unboosted.

I also have andrew/compy/grypo/indorap/rhino
and the flock from the tournament season all at base level, plenty of dna for rap and compy.
Current boosts in possession i have: 1864/648/1369.
Ive been accumulating damage (which seem far less common) for when cevia is ready (which i assume is now).
Grateful for any team / further boosting advice.

Many thanks.