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Current raid unplayable

Dear Ludia:

This is to let you know that the current raid is unplayable for me. My party got wiped out in 5 attacks (1 miss, 4 insta-deaths) in the first room. My party are all level 14.

For an event where a set of people Must clear 100s of rooms, I cannot believe the intention is to end runs even before the first room is cleared. Please fix this, or your week long event is pointless. Thank you.

Hello Slimeworms,
Thank you for the feedback. Here are some tips that may help you get passed the first room.

  1. Use a bunch of ac minus skills and all range attacks, so that you kill him while he is busy summoning.
  2. You can try and clear the damage runes (red) by using characters with extra actions and abilities that push and pull heroes over the runes, and have a character get into melee range tank your way till the room is cleared. (Tommus is good for that)


This issue is not limited to @Slimeworms.

There is a significant issue with CR scaling for this iteration.
I suggest having the techs review the lack of progress among even the top guilds.
Without correction, I doubt many guilds outside of the top 10 will be able to complete this event.

[Edit: It appear the scaling issue is not across the board. Some players report being severely impacted, others not at all]

Yes, have to agree that raids aren’t scaled well and agree with @Orloch that it seems current raids don’t seem to be improving from past mistakes.

Believe it has been estimated that to finish a raid is about 1800 rooms. For a guild with 50 active people this comes down to 36 rooms each which seems reasonable, but does not account well for smaller, less active guilds. I am averaging 4 rooms per key which would be okay if I was in a more active guild, but skeptical if our guild will even make 50% this time unless I and/ or others can figure out how to get more rooms per key.

The time invested in a raid run means earning keys from rallies and then running the actual raid. I think it should be extremely rare if not impossible to get 0 rooms for a key, and don’t see why you wouldn’t start the raids off extremely easy and scale it up slowly. Well geared players could still get a challenge further in, but newer players would be able to participate and contribute.

Also guild chat is next to useless for sharing info. Seems whenever I start posting advice I get message stuck in review. Don’t know what flags messages for review, but the tools or lack thereof to communicate in game only worsens issues with guild events.

I just posted a very similar comment in regards to all the exact points made previously prescribed.

Hopefully changes are implemented so that guilds can have more realistic success at these challenges

Part of the benefit of being in a stronger guild is playing with people that have spent a lot of time figuring out the game and as such there is plenty of helpful tips for guild members on how to better approach things like raids, rallies, pvp, etc. Plus the gifting/requesting culture is strong and a positive feedback loop that helps everyone.

I tend to have spots open every so often and usually clear a spot or two after season reset. If anyone is interested in joining my guild, feel free to PM me and we can chat. Generally looking for more active, higher level players, but really just looking to have some fun with folks.

Raiders of Ravenloft

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