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Current rank and rewards are not showing

Here my current rank is not showing…I battle 10 times and it is still saying battle in this season to be ranked…what I have to do …if you also have the same problem follow the following steps…
![Screenshot_20200917-180307_JW Alive|281x500]

Step 1:write your full problem of pvp rank
Step 2:send pic of the problem…like me…

If anyone have solution please tell

You need to have 2500 trophies to get a reward.

even if one has less than 2500 trophies, if he/she battles, he/she should be ranked

I have above 3000 trophies

have you battled in this season (since september 7th) so far?

This is correct I have an alt account I keep around 100 trophies… last season it was ranked 260k

Op, if you have battled your best bet is to reach out to customer service.

I played In this season

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Hmm… I really don’t know could have happened.